One of the most basic requirement when you start a blog or a website is that you need a webhost  to host your website or blog. This article is for those guys / gals who get confused / frustrated when they start digging and searching to choose webhost for their blog meeting their requirement in terms of money , reliability and the blog / site traffic capability.

Most of us including me end up with some big webhosting companies offering different plans. Most of us are not able to differentiate that why we should choose one webhost or the other. The reason being most of us when starting a blog or site don’t know much of the details regarding webhosting and the way it works.

This all leads to your site getting downtime many times with the tech support of webhost not helping you much or asking you to upgrade to a bigger hosting plan. All this resulting in loss of traffic for you and loss of money along with drop in reputation of your website or blog.

All these problems wont occur if we get proper information and comparision of webhosts on different parameters starting from price to the hosting package details.  Webhostingsearch help you solve all this problem of confusion.

Webhostingsearch lets you find cheap web hosting or blog hosting for your blog effectively by providing you more than enough details and comparisons depending on different parameters. The options they provide for selecting your webhost is enormous. You can almost select each and every requirement for your blog starting from bandwidth , PHP, SSL, apache and much more.

First thing you will notice on Webhosting search site is the top menu providing you many options right there to start from.

cheap-blog-hostingAnother good thing i found there was articles related to hosting. It really helps novice guys including me to find a right solution for my blog/site.

cheap-webhostingIt included a article right on its homepage about different type of webhosting i.e. shared hosting, free hosting and dedicated hosting, which really is a nice thing as many guys don’t even know what all these stuff really is and their advantages and disadvantages.

Now, When you start doing a Web Hosting Search for hosting your blog on it, you will be amazed at the options it provide you to search. The search options starts asking your requirement starting from storage capacity, bandwidth required, email accounts, add-on domains, sub domains and even the location of the server to choose from. It also provides the info on each item defining it, when you hover your mouse over it.

cheap-blog-hosting-optionsAs if these options are not so good enough for many guys including me to help me decide the right webhost, just below it you will find tons of options to choose from to refine your search. The features list is so big  to choose from that many of you including me dont know why they are here or what it is used for.

cheap-blog-hosting-options-1After selecting the options as per your requirement, it gives you a list of webhosts to choose from clearly showing their pricing and other details in a table format.

Also the results give you a link to review of the webhost which includes both user reviews and editorial review along with all the details for the webhosting company.

All these options available here lets you. Web Hosting Search for your blog/ site very easily. Give it a try if you need one.