ABC 7: Winrar Archiever Review plus Giveaway

PS:- This review is done by one of our Forum members Grr.

Developer’s description:

WinRAR is a powerful tool allowing you to manage and control archive files. Console RAR supports archives only in RAR format, which names usually have a “.rar” extension. ZIP and other formats are not supported. Windows users may install GUI RAR version – WinRAR, which is able to process much more archive types.

ABC 7: Winrar Archiever Review plus Giveaway 1

RAR features include:

  • Highly sophisticated, original compression algorithm
  • Special compression algorithms optimized for text, audio,
  • graphics data, 32 and 64-bit Intel executables
  • Better compression than similar tools, using ‘solid’ archiving
  • Authenticity verification (registered version only)
  • Self-extracting archives and volumes (SFX)
  • Ability to recover physically damaged archives
  • Locking, password, file order list, file security & more …

The Good:

1. Light weight on system resources
2. Right click context menu integration

ABC 7: Winrar Archiever Review plus Giveaway 23. Small size
4. Ability to create Self-extracting archives and volumes (SFX)
5. Ability to recover physically damaged archives, using the recovery record
6. Compared to WinZip the compression is better.
7. Lot of Themes are available
8. Command line support
9. Settings could be imported/exported as .REG file.
10. Ability to add Information to the rar file
11. Continuous addition of new features from the developer
12. Supports all popular compression formats (RAR, ZIP, WinZip, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip).

ABC 7: Winrar Archiever Review plus Giveaway 3

13. Supports data encryption using 128 bit password encryption.
14. The RAR creation Wizard is very simple, and easy to use.
15. Allows different modes of compression such as fastest, fast, normal, good and best.

ABC 7: Winrar Archiever Review plus Giveaway 4

16. Allows splitting the resulting rar file into several parts based on predefined values or user-defined values. see-01

ABC 7: Winrar Archiever Review plus Giveaway 517. Ability to create Log file.
18. Simple & easy settings.

ABC 7: Winrar Archiever Review plus Giveaway 6

The Bad:


It supports both 32bit and 64 bit Operating system. You can download a trial version of Winrar.


ABC 7: Winrar Archiever Review plus Giveaway 7

Thanks to Yosefine from Winrar, I have Fifteen (15) Licenses of  Winrar to giveaway .  One license is reserved for reviewer Grr. The rules are simple. For being eligible to participate in contest/draw, you need to do the following:

  1. Subscribe to Avinashtech by entering your email address in the subscribe box on right sidebar of the blog or by clicking this link. Do remember to verify your email address when you get the verification email from Feedburner.
  2. After that, just leave your name and email address in the form by clicking this link.
  3. Leave a comment below telling why you would like to have Winrar License.

Keep in mind, Multiple entries will disqualify you from the draw.

Forum Discussion thread: Winrar Giveaway : Discussion and Review/ feedback

PS:- ADAWARE Pro Giveaway (25 licenses) Coming tomorrow.

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  • smudgie Link Reply

    I would like to finally get the WinRar pro version so i can stop seeing that nag pop-up that i’ve been getting for years now when I’m using the expired evaluation version!

  • Nice review Grr 🙂

    I have a licensed version of Winrar 3.80. But it cant be updated

    I primarily use it to compress large attachments before mailing them.
    And to extract downloaded files of course.

    Thanks Avi for the giveaway. I have filled up the form 🙂

  • jelson Link Reply

    Why? Because WinRAR ROCKS!!! I’ve participated in every giveaway for this great app I’ve been able to find for over a year without luck 🙁

    Maybe, I’ll get lucky this time. One can hope. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity. Happy B-day!

  • Allfourthree Link Reply

    Heck Winrar is a must have on every pc, easy to use and powerful! My names in for the give away for sure!!

  • magno Link Reply

    I would like to earn a license because it was unique winrar unzip file I used.

  • Murphy Link Reply

    Thanks for this Giveaway ( and not only ) .
    I would like to win a license because from my point of view is the best archiving program .
    Best regards !

  • kaushik Link Reply

    i thank you for opportunity to have winrar. keep the good work.

  • hen_xuoi Link Reply

    I very want to have a licence.
    Please, count me in
    Thanks AVI

  • Vegito Link Reply

    Hi Avinash..:)

    Thanks for giveaway opportunity, special thanks to WinRAR team for providing the licenses, and Grr for the nice review. Please count me in. I’ve already subscribed via email and activated it. I’ve also filled up the form. I like WinRAR because it can backup my data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.
    Happy 2nd Birthday,

  • guan-xi Link Reply

    I’ve been a frequent WinRAR user for many years. But for the several past giveaways covering older builds, I’ve had to limit myself with betas and trials which lose some functionality after 40 days.

    I hope to finally get the latest licensed version through this promo.

    Thank you very much for a great product and one of the best geek forums.

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you, Av. More power!

  • Niroopsingh Link Reply

    Thanks for this giveaway.Winrar is the best file compression tool and it is so useful for me.It is better than winzip and i want it.hope i win.

  • malkhaz Link Reply

    Winrar is the greatest archiver, as I know, now I am using 7zip, but I want Winrar very much, and I hope,that Fortune will smile at me.

  • Jakub Link Reply

    WinRAR is an amazing archive manager. I’d wanted to have it in my system.
    Please count me in.
    Thanks Avi for wonderful giveaway!


  • Bionic Link Reply

    I’ve followed grr a few months on twitter and i think it’s the first time i’ve seen any review by him (Thumbs up), I’m momentarily using the covermount promotion of winrar 3.80 so upgrading to 64bit would be precious.

    Thanks Ash and Happy Anniversary & Thank you Yosefine for gathering a promotion here for WinRAR.

    The best & Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • Cosme Link Reply

    Hello, count me in. I’ve subscribed and left my name and email in the form.
    I want a winrar license because I have used the trial for a lot of time and it’s a very good software, like the review says nothing is bad with it if you have paid for it (the nag screen is bad when using it without paying).

  • Andy Link Reply

    Thanks Avi for the giveaway.
    I like WinRAR because it can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP.

  • Ajemsasa Link Reply

    I love Winrar. Thanks for the giveaway. Best regards from Belgrade!

  • iPrism Link Reply

    Hi Avinash,
    Thanks for the WinRaR giveaway.I feel this one is best paid Archiever for compressing and decompressing may files.I really like its data encryption feature of 128-bits for security and privacy and also its GUI is neat and easy to use.Additional thanks to Yosefine as well.Hoping to win this one.

  • qwer0 Link Reply

    The best archiver to me

  • District Link Reply

    Please count me.I am a longtime subscriber.I want a WinRaR license for its support of wide variety of different archive formats,I use.

  • Jebbrown Link Reply

    I used to own this a long, long time ago and liked it a lot. Since then I’ve had a few trial versions, but couldn’t justify paying the price – While I’d like to have it for the extra features it provides, I don’t really need it as some of the lighter free archivers do well enough. However if I could get a free version… 🙂

  • svwrt Link Reply

    Definitely one of the Best programs out there. It’s a “must have” for every computer and every user. And even it can serve as security program, by password protecting files, thus making it only available to the right owner. There are so many applications with simillar function, but there is only One that deserves spot number 1.
    It would be a privilege if i win and own a license.

  • Dariusz Hacz Link Reply

    Absolutely fantastic, the best archiver on the market. This contest is a great opportunity for the full version.

  • eee Link Reply

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this for some time…
    Why would I like to have a WinRAR license? Simple: becouse it satisfies almost all of my compression/decompression needs and it’s high quality software. Thank you Avinash & RARLAB!

  • Kiku Link Reply

    WinRar is the popular & powerful archiver for RAR/Zip files.
    I would like to get this for my Win7 machine.

  • ToGor Link Reply

    The most successful and well-known program to handle the archive in each computer. I am using the free version. It would be nice if there was one in a fully legal version to my computer. Indeed – he would have Christmas gift.
    Thank you – and good luck to myself and others in this competition.

  • Mayur sharma Link Reply

    I would like to have one Winrar Licenses.
    Thanks for giveaway…

  • poohkt Link Reply

    WinRAR is a powerful all-in-one archiving solution – very useful software. I use it to compress large attachments for my email and to extract compressed files received.
    Please count me in. Thanks a lot.

  • Rahul Link Reply

    hi Avinash first of all congrats u to complete the two years in succesion in these two years u gave a lot to users speacially me i’ve learned a lot thanx for u to make things easiar for the users well i ll be more oblize if i win the winrar license hope u carry all good work for the coming years

  • TechBill Link Reply

    My main reason for wanting WinRAR is because it’s such a great program.


  • Dwight Link Reply

    As I am not a techie, I love creativity in softwares. I have been using open source compression softwares like 7z, Peazip and Izarc and paid Stuffit Deluxe. And have enjoyed all of them thoroughly for their different approaches, GUI etc.
    I have never tried the .rar format yet and would love to own one of it out of curosity.

  • hen_xuoi Link Reply

    Please, count me in !

  • winrar… nice compressing tool… like to have its license version by which i can avoid to see pop up again n again… count me too for the giveaway…

  • Fabald Link Reply

    I want to enter this contest , because winrar is best archive application all over the world
    Thank you , and good luck everyone

  • PlohoiDadenka Link Reply

    Очень хорошая программа по сравнению с другими архиваторами

    Very good program compared to other archivers

  • Eric Rondilla Link Reply

    Thanks Avi for a wonderful giveaway like this…Mabuhay!

  • Willy Link Reply

    I use the 7 Zip & WinRar trial version.
    Hopefully can win 1 license of WinRar then.

  • good review Grr
    dont count me

    just wanted to wish good luck to all and thx avi for organizing these giveaways
    just waiting for norton giveaway 🙂

  • Ibheck Link Reply

    from the first I’ve been very pleased with this software, in addition to speed and performance, other things that I like is because this software fully supports windows 7 64 bit and we can change the skin winrar with tastes that we want

  • asrielrusdyawan Link Reply

    WINRAR is on of the Oldest Archive Tools & for me it is the most powerful archive tool to read almost whole type of Archive. Hope I can win on License for this Giveaway time..

    THX, LJBU!

  • 2masterblaster2 Link Reply

    still one of the best ,i can use it because i use still the 3;80 version a upgrade woth be great

    cheers 1masterblaster2

  • k19s Link Reply

    Hi, I would like to win a license because Winrar is the best software out there for file compression. Tested the trail version and the compression algorithm is so powerful yet still using very little computer resources.

  • Ill_era Link Reply

    i’d like a key too :D…tnx for that offer

  • ha14 Link Reply

    Hi WInrar is an excellent tool and replace winzip in honest way, needed for extra features available that cant be foud in free alternative plus excellent suppor.winrar has good compression rate, useful feature is “Encrypt file names” i.e, when setting password to a .rar file, if this option is checked, the user will not be able to view even the filename in the compressed file. a self-installing file? WinZip and WinRAR both offer the SFX module options but only WinRAR allows you to customize your install logos, icons and your own copyright statements.

    for ranking winrar is better

  • i d Link Reply

    I am using its trial version and want to avoid the nagging popup window.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • While32 Link Reply

    WinRar is the best archivier

  • springname Link Reply

    Winrar is “must have application”, it’s easy to use by intuitive interface and vastly effective in compression file. Currently using 7zip, hope this time can win one license of winrar
    Thanks Avi

  • amozai Link Reply

    This is really a geat tool and one of the must have tool for the archiving files, but I failed to get licence to unlock it unto now and I’m using 7-zip instead. Therefore, I will be very happy if I win a licence this time so that I can add it to my arsenal.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • willieb Link Reply

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway(s). Very good review, Grr. Well done!
    I’d like to have WinRAR because I’m a software hoarder. I still have software on 5-1/4″ diskettes (actually even a couple of 8″). I’d really like to archive all my stuff. Although disk space is cheap these days, compressing multiple files to a single archive makes tracking easier.
    I bought WinZip so I could be an owner of a “lifetime” license. That lifetime ended with the update to v11, I believe, and they wanted me to buy another license.
    Please enter me in the giveaway.

  • Hi
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the contest for the best archiever license.!/Kosma04/status/13590871899373568
    Please, count me in

  • kosma04 Link Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the contest for the best archiever license.
    Please, count me in

  • Hakah Link Reply

    I like WinRar because it is a very simple and easy to use tool. It can compress and decompress any documents and can easily transport them via internet. Most important of all, it is a must to have tool you must possess or equip with to enable all sorts of works to be done each day. Simply say You just can’t do anything without it.
    Please include me in this giveaway and thanks to Avinashtech for this special event!

  • Slim Link Reply

    Count me in. A great choice of software for a giveaway.

  • Naveen Link Reply

    WinRAR offers unpacking support for a large number of archive formats, including TAR, ACE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, and ZIP. I hope to win this free giveaway.

  • Davhag64 Link Reply

    This is the best zip and rar program there is, nothing beats it. Would love to have a copy of this for my very own.

  • The good compression speed, the low memory usage, SFX capability and a great reputation is why I want to win WINRAR. Another incredible giveaway and thanks.

  • Piousson Link Reply

    Winrar is a best compression and extract program at the time. I alway use it to extract a lot of files when I download from internet. And I don’t want to use crack program because It is ilegal, So I hope that you can giveaway me and everyone a license genuine of the manufacturer. Thank you and happy birthday Avinashtech.

  • Relly Link Reply

    well, the best WinRar, i,ve been using for so long, a necessity for everybody using computer, the sadbthing i’m using an old version, be very glad if i’ll win one license, great offers thanks alot……

  • Ofen Link Reply

    I think it’s definitely the best program to compress data.I am using a free version for a very long time, and frankly, I do not imagine my computer without this program.I hope that someday I will manage to get the full version … and maybe even now?…
    My congratulations and I warmly greet!

    Thanks Avi

  • I like to win a license of winRar because of its user friendly interface, fast compression speeds and supports multiple formats so I can easily archive my important data and documents.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  • SirOliver Link Reply

    I like WINRAR because it’s simple and very useful tool and ability to repair damaged archives is good.Count on me.Cheers everyone.(review is very good).

  • Konrad Link Reply

    Thanks for this giveaway
    Winrar is the best software for file compression and extract. it’s easy to use and fully supports windows 7 64 bit.
    Please, count me in

  • dizzy Link Reply

    This is the software worth having in your computer.

  • Emil Link Reply

    Hi there, congratulations for this beautiful post & celibration of Avinashtech!
    Impressing work that have been done here by everyone, very nice:)

    Keep up the work & my best Wishes for a successful continuation of this well needed creation!
    Thank you guys for all great articles

    //a non Mac user lol

  • David Link Reply

    Please , count me in

  • Number99 Link Reply

    I’ve been using Winrar for some time now, and I really would like to get a license for it because I love this program! 🙂

  • Chrille Link Reply

    Great application! I’d really would like to get my hands on a license!

  • wish i am not late, winrar is a great softwares , i use its 3.80 ver , mostly i use winrar to extract and compress my data , another thing i like it because it support multiple extensions and compress and extract large data faster as compare to winzip .wish i will win a key for the latest version ..

    Thanks Avinash for the giveaway

  • Francis Link Reply

    I would like to win a license for winrar because it is the best archiver out there. I have been using it for more than decade

  • Erslan Link Reply

    Its the best software in the market. I subscribed the blog long time agao 🙂

    Thanks for giving away lic

  • kirks Link Reply

    Hi, thanks for this nice giveaway.
    I like winrar because it has a nice UI, better compression, and can encrypt files split big file, I would say its one of the best compression tool.

  • TestGOTD Link Reply

    Thanks AVINASH and Grr for giveaway. Please count me in.

  • Idriskurtum Link Reply

    Thanks Grr and Avi for the giveaway.
    winrar is a software that should be on every computer.

  • Anish Link Reply

    Hey Avinash thanks for this giveaway.
    I would love a winrar license as it is of great use to extract and compressing.
    Moreover I would like to get rid of the popup which says to purchase a license

  • Dhiraj Sinha Link Reply

    In my opinion Winrar is one of the “must have” utilities for any system.So obviously I have installed it on my laptop.However,it is an older version,3.80 to be precise,which I grabbed from a “Pc Welt” promotion.So,given a chance,I would definitely like to upgrade to the latest version.The feature that impresses me most is that while creating an encrypted archive,Winrar provides the option to encrypt even the file names!!.Now,this feature gives it a unique edge over Winzip because the ability to encrypt file names,file sizes and file attributes is only provided by the “rar format” archives which Winzip is unable to create.So keeping in mind the things I have said above,do include me in the giveaway please.
    P.S. I have already subscribed to the email newsletter

  • Dinesh Kumar Link Reply

    Winrar is the best in its category , i tried trial version , waiting for full version results , Merry christmas to all of you

  • Anth Link Reply

    I have never use Winrar and would like to try it.

  • Anthony Link Reply

    I would sandboxie to run in the background all the time for security issues.

  • Philip Link Reply

    I would to use it to unrar programs.

  • Rich Link Reply

    I have use Winrar but not the pro version. If i win i would it as my default rar program.

  • Nick Link Reply

    I used the previous version but never the new version.

  • Anth Link Reply

    One Please Please

  • Quasar's Ankh Link Reply

    This Winrar license would come in handy as it would replace other compressed file managers (including an older version of Winrar).

    So please count me in, thank you

  • noname Link Reply

    I will use to compress my pdf files with password and send them by mail

  • Twitee Link Reply

    Very powerful archiver and very good program. I would like to win one.

  • Burus2 Link Reply

    I would like to beacuse winrar is the best archiver. He is very simple and effective.

  • KCan Link Reply

    A chance to win one of my software favorites. Count me in. Very useful due to all the different compression formats WinRAR supports.

  • Winterstream Link Reply

    I have been using IZarc and must say it is a brilliant program and it’s also freeware, but I would like to try WinRAR again, as I use to use it and loved it, so it will bring back some good memories.

  • Zug Link Reply

    I used to use winrar but I got tired of the pesky popup.. i started to use 7-zip and havae been using that for a while.. I would love to go back to winrar and would love a shot at this..

    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  • qwer0 Link Reply

    Great archiving software (now i’m registered so u can count me 🙂 )

  • jamir Link Reply

    because it is the compression software most used, the more stable, so I can open with it any archive that I downloaded

  • Antbil007 Link Reply

    I’m waiting for license more then 2 years. I participated in many competitions, giveaways to get a license. Maybe this time will be mine?

  • Tim Link Reply

    This is a first software I always install on new computers, very powerful.And everybody knows this is the best archiving manager.Please count me in.

  • farmer Link Reply

    WinRAR very good program to compress and archive plików.Prosty interface to quickly and niezbędny.Dziękuję for this contest:)

  • Phillip Link Reply

    One please.

  • Murphy Reality Link Reply

    Sorry but I changed my mind. Please do not take me into consideration for this Giveaway . Thank you .
    Congratulations again for all Giveaways .
    Best regards !

  • paulp Link Reply

    Winrar archiever is one of the best in its category, i know because i am currently using version 3.xx. This will be a much needed upgrade.

  • Cool Link Reply

    Thank for this giveaway I need this license because it is a very good software and I am using the free version right now. Find it very annoying every time running a zipped file a pop up will appear telling it is unregistered. It also remove some limitation for free user.

    Thank for another great giveaway! Count me in 🙂

  • Isd Link Reply

    Thanks for the giveaway. Please count me also.

  • MichaÅ‚ Link Reply

    I need it to makes rar formats. Please count me in!

  • Lee Link Reply

    Please count me in the draw!

  • Emt_32 Link Reply

    I using 7-zip, but if i win use winrar.
    thanks for all great giveaways.

  • kburleson Link Reply

    Please count me in for the draw!!  I love Winrar and would like to have a full working version.

  • Nitirat Suvankasa Link Reply

    winrar is best compress program i want thai

  • Alex Link Reply

    really great and reaylly best Archiever! I like this nice software. Thanks Avinashtech and Yosefine for this chance!!!!/Alex77toy/status/148681763697332225

  • berni42 Link Reply

    With it I can easily and quickly compress files.
    Great Giveaway! Thnx ;D

  • Sunilkmadam Link Reply

    I like this software very much.please count me.thanks

  • Please send me a license.

  • Ernie Sampson Link Reply

    Nothing tops WinRAR as a universal archiver tool. Please consider me for the draw.
    Thank you,
    Ernie Sampson

  • Dav532000 Link Reply

    Winrar is an excellent App that everyone should have count me in please and thanks. 

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