For many of you including me, blogs are part of the life. Those of you who are regular blog writers will know how difficult it is to find a good webhost for hosting your blog. Thid problem though doesnt arise for Blogger users or users but those of you who want a full and better control of their blog and the way they can use it to earn money too, paid /free webhosting solution is must.

When i started the blog , it was on but later on i shifted to wordpress but it required a webhost. At that time i wasnt aware of much of technicalities and couldnt find a way to select a good host. That resulted in me first selecting a free webhost which was too buggy resulting in site downtime and losing my visitors.

After that i shifted to a paid one but still  some different problems of CPU usage and all and i had to change my webhost again. This time i did more research with help from few host review websites. And now my site is running well.

One of these review sites i stumbled upon is Web Hosting Choice. This site provides a good overview of the webhosts along with the review of these. It also ranks differerent web hosting solutions along with their offerings in the package in a table format which helps you easily compare different webhosts along with the refund period provided by each web hosting company.

It provides a simple, easy to follow site to help users choose the best web hosting plan most suitable for a small site or for a large e-commerce website. It also got a indepth Comparision chart along with a normal one which let you compare almost all the stuff thats required for choosing a webhost.

It also includes web hosts directory in different categories which let you choose depending upon your choice of the website/blog.

Overall its a good place to help you choose a better host. Take a look.