Most users of Apple devices who are worried over the non-availability of Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 must have a sigh of relief. The reason being that looks like the Untethered iOS 5 jailbreak is not dead as most of us thought of. Till now, we have been hearing only about the Tethered JB for iOS5 and most of us thought that Apple has closed all the holes or exploits which make the Untethered iOS5 JB possible.

For those people, who are not aware of what is the difference between a Untethered and a Tethered JB, here is a brief info. An untethered jailbreak is a type of JB where your device does not require you to reboot with a connection to an external device capable of executing commands on the device. Whereas Tethered jailbreak means being basically “attached” to your computer in a way; you must boot your device by running code on it (via the dock connector) to make use of an exploit. This simple means, unless your device is jailbroken by a untethered method, you need to connect your Apple device everytime you boot it on or everytime your battery runs out.

Checkout the tweet from iOn1c, real name Stefan Esser who is a german security researcher who plays a important role in development of  untether JB tools like redsn0w and PwnageTool.

As far as I know iOS 5 untether is covered by other people already. Guess who 😛

Even though iOn1c has not confirmed that who is working on the untethered Jailbreak, but a reasonablke guess will point this out to the Chronic Dev Team of Greenpois0n who found multiple exploits for the iPad 2 and the upcoming iPhone. Even if the guess is wrong, we can be sure of the fact that it is already covered and it will be out soon for everyone of us who are waiting for it anxiously.