We cannot be sure about on what front Google is not working on as Google keeps on introducing something or the other. This time its a at new programming language called DART which is being introduced by Google as a new programming language that can be used for  a structured Web Programming. The language is said to be similar to Java and JavaScript or you can call it as alternative to Javascript.

As detailed in a blog post by Google, Dart is a class-based optionally typed programming language for building web applications with goals of :

  • Create a structured yet flexible language for web programming.
  • Make Dart feel familiar and natural to programmers and thus easy to learn.
  • Ensure that Dart delivers high performance on all modern web browsers and environments ranging from small handheld devices to server-side execution.

Google did pointed out that it is not going to replace Javascript. Dart language comes with a set of basic libraries and tools for checking, compiling, and running Dart code, all of which will evolve further with your participation. Language and preliminary tools for Dart are being  made available as open source on dartlang.org. As per Google, Dart will be great for writing large web applications.

So if you are a Developer or love programming or a tech enthusiast , you should get your hands on this new Dart Language.