Truecaller just got hacked, 450 gb of Database downloaded by hackers

IF you are one of the users of Truecaller (the app which is like a big telephone directory of all the world), then its the time that you start worrying.You should worry more if you have allowed Truecaller to upload all your contacts list to their servers. The reason for worry, Truecaller just got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army hackers.

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The hackers have managed to download 7 databases of truecaller including the main database which is whopping 450 GB in size. It seems the proper security measures were not even in place and that’s why the hackers were able to get through it.

They have posted some of the pics from the database showing the details of the data they have now access to.

Even the database password used by Truecaller was lame i.e google123.

The database is alleged to information that gives them access to over 1 million Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail accounts.

Even though most of users knew that the App has some serious privacy issues, people still used the app as it does gave them loads of information almost instantly. Even if a person doesn’t use the app, his information can still be compromised if some of his friends or collegue has uploaded his contact list.

Source: Hackernews


Truecaller has just acknowledged the breached and issued a statement on the Blog.

The statement is a brief one and hopefully they will issue a detailed explanation/ statement soon.

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