For many of you including me, Google Desktop is a great tool to have on our system. I have Google desktop installed on all my systems including work and home ones. The ease and speed  along with the accuracy of the search results it provides makes it a indispensable tool for anyone who deals with too many files or documents.

Google desktopSometime, this whole advantage becomes disadvantage as anyone after sitting on your system can find anything in just few micro seconds. Also, many times you require that some specific files or folders should not be indexed. The exceptions can be easily set in Google desktop settings. I wont be talking about how to do that here. Here we will talk about how to remove entries from Google desktop cache and index so that its not accessible anymore.


There are few ways to do it. First one is , if you want to remove individual entries only and not the whole search index and cache, then you need to do it manually. You need to type those entries in desktop search and when the results are displayed, you need to click ” Remove from Index”. This process is very long if you got loads of entries and hence you can better delete and clear all the search index cache. The re-indexing process wont take much long.

Now, as i said you can delete all the search index cache to remove the entries. Here’s how you can do it. Just browse to  the following folder path: (Change username to your system user name or just browse through folders)

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search.

Note :- You need to enable Display hidden folders and files in Folder properties before this folder will be visible.

You can delete all the files in the folder and search index cache will be gone.( You can delete these only when you have exited Google Desktop). You can leave sidebar and application files intact if you want to save sidebar and application settings.