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Avinashtech 1 Year Growth, Traffic and Revenue

As most of you are aware that we are going to celebrate Avinashtech second Birthday in the month of December. I was just going through logs of the blog and then thought of sharing few statistics with our readers.

I wont be writing much in this post as I do not want to bore you, I am going to just post screen-shots of some of the Aspects of our blog.


We have grown from a few hundreds Page views a day to now 10,000 visitors in a single day.

As you can see from the graph below, Majority of the traffic (>85%) comes from search engines.


In one year, Avinashtech subscribers have grown from approximately 500 to 5000+ now which is a almost >10X in 1 year.


In terms of revenue, we have reached at a stage 10X times compared to where we were last year.

All this is possible due to support from Avtechies and support from my Family. The year has been good and bad both in different terms.

Thank you everyone.

About the author: A Mechanical Design Engineer by profession, but passionate about Computers, software and anything that helps to learn something new or different. Love to do things which i don’t know and dive into unknown territories.

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  • Those graphs represent your commitment and hard work.
    The efforts you put in to the make this blog such a success is incredible.
    Congrats Avi 🙂 great job

    • Thank you Ashwin. Guys like you help me do what I have done over the past year. 🙂

  • That’s really good. Your blog has made immense growth in short time, all credit goes to ur hard work. Best of all, you get 80%+ traffic from SE. That means you might be making handsome $$$$. 🙂

    Anyways, congrats and wish u good luck in your future.

    • Thanks Mayur.

      Obviously hard work does make a difference but friends and family too make a difference. I even got some good friends online and all AVtechies who helped me achieve this.

  • Those are some really good stats, worthy enough to be proud of! Congrats and all the very best 🙂

  • Ramesh Udayan

    Congrats Bandhu!!!!
    Thats a very impressive show. Way to go

  • Grr

    Congrats Avi, some really nice charts with impressive growth figures.


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