Recover deleted files, emails from your computer, USB drive, camera or iPod

I have often talked about undelete, , unerase, File and disk recovery utilities which help you in Recover deleted files, emails from your computer, USB drive, camera or iPod. Today also, i will talk about one such great utility which performs great in recovering deleted stuff without any price tag.

Recuva1Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost something important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. And it’s free!

Recuva lets you recover deleted files from your computer hard drive, USB drive, camera or iPod media. It also lets you recover files from even damaged or formatted disks. It can also help you recover deleted emails from your Inbox of your email client .It provides a wizard too for novice users for recovering the deleted files easily   by defing the type of file you are searching for.

Recuva5The deepscan shows you the deleted files in tree structure along with whether it can be recovered fully or not. It gives you a preview of files too if possible.

Recuva4Just a note here though. It cannot recover files if your hard disk is having physical damage and you will need something else for that. But for the rest of normal stuff, you will love it.

[Download Recuva]

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  1. hej!
    jag rÃ¥kade tyvärr radera bilder frÃ¥n vÃ¥r kamera som jag nu inte har längre…
    jag trodde jag hade överfört alla bilder till datorn men så var inte fallet:(
    jag har laddat ner både recuva,photoreg,rcsetup och whitesmoke.
    dessa program lyckades hitta en massa foton,även de som var äldre än dem jag söker.
    vissa av fotona de hittat stÃ¥r det att de inte kan visas,de ser ut som om de är korrupta. de väger fortfarande lika mycket som de andra bilderna och jag misstänker att de är dessa jag söker….
    finns det nÃ¥got annat program som man kan Ã¥terskapa dessa “trasiga” filer?
    tycker att det är sÃ¥ kontigt att man kan hitta och Ã¥terskapa äldre bilder som jag raderat,men inte dessa som jag raderade igÃ¥r….
    tacksam för svar då dessa bilder är så viktiga för mig:)

    MVH Emilia


    I happened, unfortunately, delete pictures from our camera, which I now do not have anymore …
    I thought I had transferred all images to the computer but it was not the case: (
    I have downloaded both Recuva, photoreg, rcsetup and WhiteSmoke.
    These programs could find a bunch of photos, even those who were older than I look.
    some of the photos they found it says that they can not be displayed, they look as if they are corrupt. they still weigh as much as the other pictures and I suspect they are those I seek ….
    is there some other program that you can recreate these “broken” files?
    think it is so that the office you can find and restore old photos that I deleted, but not those that I deleted yesterday ….
    grateful for the response when these images are so important to me:)

    Regards Emilia

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