Few months back i talked about how to Use OpenDNS to browse Internet faster, safer and smarter in two articles part1 and part2. Those two articles were broadly written about the OpenDNS lets you browse the web safe, fast and smart.

Two i will just talk about how to use openDNS to keep your system secure from virus, malware, botnets and phising. First of all you need to know how to setup openDNS for your system. Please refer the two articles i mentioned above to learn about it.

So you just need to adjust few settings in openDNS panel after you login into it. Just go to “Content Filtering ” setting in openDNS panel.

openDNS menuopenDNSIn this you need to change the setting as per your need. If you just need safety from phising attacks, set the option in it to minimal. Otherwise you can set it to other levels too depending on what you need. Every setting has a very good description with it.

Opendns Phising settingThe next setting you need to adjust is in ” Advance Settings“. After you click “Advance settings” , you need to tick  “Malware/botnet Protection“.

Opendns malware-botnetThat’s all you need to do and your computer will be much safer than before. Leave your comments below if you got anything to talk about this.

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