If you have been a regular visitor to Avinashtech, you may have noticed that freebies keep coming in one form or the other. So here,s one more. You can get 1 Year Dr. Web Antivirus Genuine License Key Worth $30 for FREE using a promotion by DrWeb.

DRwebThis promotion i got my hand on , thanks to Collapse at doctus.org. So all the credit for finding this promo goes to “Collapse” not me. Some of the features of Drweb Antivirus are :

  • Detection and neutralization of malware on hard drives, removable data storage devices and in RAM
  • Real-time interception of calls to files on hard and floppy drives, CD/DVD/Blue-ray/Flash drives, and smart cards
  • Detection of viruses placed in an archive at any nesting level
  • The FLY-CODE technology allows checking files compressed by unknown packers
  • Protection against unknown threats powered by non-signature detection technology Origins Tracingâ„¢ and the intelligent heuristic analyzer
  • Protection against mass mailings performed by a mail worm from an infected machine
  • Protection of account information related to online games, social networks, electronic money systems, credit card numbers and PIN codes
  • Detection of spam-bots
  • Virus scan of SMTP/POP3/NNTP/IMAP traffic
  • On demand/scheduled scan
  • Individual scan schedules

To get it free for 1 year :

1. Visit this promo page.

Drweb free 12. When you click as shown above after entering your details, you will be taken to another form( a sort of feedback ) like this. I am showing you the translated screenshot too. Just fill in anything you like in those fields.

Drweb free2

Drweb free 33. After you click the above button, you are done. You will recieve a mail from Drweb with your license key. The mail wont be in english and you will be only able to recognise the KEY.

4. Use the key for activating Drweb. Leave a comment here if you need any help in installing it.

Download DrWeb setup