Most of us use USB flash drives/ external hard disk for our day to day use. One of the concerns that arise with the use of these USB drives is the lack of security associated with these drives. If we these drives are lost or stolen, the data stored in them is at great risk.

There are few tools available to provide some security to these drives. I will talk about one of the best solutions available and that too for free. Rohos Mini Drive is a great security tool for encrypting/ locking your USB drives. Here’s how this tool is described as :

Rohos Mini Drive creates hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash drive memory. You work with the files on the hidden partition without opening a special program. Those who have megabytes of sensitive files on the USB drive and seriously concerned with a data security, cannot imagine their USB stick without the hidden volume that is created using this tool.

Main Features:

  • Creates a virtual encrypted partiton volume (disk) within a USB flash drive free space
  • Automatically detects your USB stick config and creates encrypted partition
  • Program does not require installation to work with encrypted partiton on a guest computer. You can start it right from USB drive
  • Encrypted partition is protected by password
  • Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly
  • Encryption algorithm: AES 256 bit key lenght. NIST approved.
  • Rohos Disk Browser to open encrypted partition without having Admin rights
  • Virtual Keyboard – to protect your encrypted disk password from a key logger
  • Autorun Folder. Saved program’s/file’s shortcut will automatically start/open up upon disk connection
  • The limit of encrypted partition size is 2 GB

Lets see how it works. First screen which you will see after running this program first time after install.

Rohos Disk startupscreenAfter you click, Setup USB key, you will be asked to select the USB drive. See the screenshots below.

Rohos Disk setup usb0Just select the USB drive by clicking change. After you select the drive, you will see something like the screen below.

Rohos Disk setup usb

If you click change in option of partition image file , You can change the encryption using the options as shown below.

Rohos Disk encryptionWhen you have set all options and press OK , it will start creating a encryption volume.

Creating encryption volume

Rohos Disk encryption done

When this is done, you will see that your disk is now encrypted and you need a password that you created during all this to access it.

Disk connectedWhen you try to browse a disk without giving any password, you will be ask password before you can browse it.

Rohos Disk password

So, what you think of this? Leave your comments here after using it. Ask me here if you need any clarification.

Download Rohos Mini Drive