Many of you may have heard that yahoo mail is being upgraded and recently it added a great new feature called Yahoo Apps which lets you combine different functionality like Flicker, Paypal and many more right into your Yahoo mail. Many users havent seen them being available in their yahoo mail account by its own.

Yahoo mail apps

The reason may be that its being slowly rolled out for users across the globe. But its available to every user across the web no matter from where you are. You just need to anable these features if its not already enabled.

To enable these new features, just you need to login in Yahoo apps once atleast. Proceed to Yahoo Apps by clicking here.

yahoomail apps1

Just click on get started button and login using your Yahoo account. That’s all. Now if you login into your yahoo mail account, you will find a new “yahoo apps” being added to your left column.

Yahoo mail apps enabledCheck this feature out and you will love them. Leave your comments here telling about your experience.