One of the biggest hurdles that have been associated with Webmail like yahoo mail had been the inability to send larger attachments with emails. Till now yahoo had the limit on size of attachments and the maximum sioze of attachment was 10 MB only.

Even though there are many other ways to send bigger files over the web, still most people find it convenient to send their files thru the mail only. Now , Yahoo had increased this limit to 100 MB with the help of its newly introduced feature of Yahoo Apps. In association with, yahoo mail lets you send files with just a drag and drop feature with no extra registration required.

I am reproducing the method here from Yahoo mail blog as this best describes how to do it and i thought i would better not add or remove anything from it.

People can access the Attach Large Files app from the Applications Box in the lower left-hand corner of their Yahoo! Mail inbox and using the app is simple:

  1. Click “Attach Large Files” — this brings you to the welcome page
  2. Next click “Select Files” — add as many files from your computer as you want up to 100MB. You’ll recognize’s distinct upload interface that displays the queued files, their file size and allows you to cancel any of them either before or during upload.
  3. Next click “Upload and Compose Email” – users are brought to a new email, populated with thumbnails and links to view and download the attachments.

When your recipient opens the email, they have the option to click to view and download individual files, or the whole group.

So cheer up guys and thank you yahoo for making this possible.