We talked about the with the launch of iPhone 5, Apple has dropped Micro SIM support on its iPhone 5 and you need a nano SIM to start using a the new iPhone. There are many carriers around the world who are still to offer a nano SIM with your Phone connection unless they start offering it with the launch of new iPhone. In case of India, most carriers don’t even offer a Micro Sim and people have to cut their normal SIM to a micro sim using Micro SIM cutters etc to start using it on iPhone.

Convert Normal SIM to Micro SIM

There are Micro SIM cutters available easily in the market for doing this, though loads of tutorials too available online if you want to cut your normal sim into a Micro SIM on your own without using a cutter.  One of the good tutorials about this can be found here.

Convert Micro SIM to Nano SIM

Regarding Nano SIM, we are still not sure if its possible to convert your Micro SIM into a Nano SIM, but Jeff Benjamin at idownloadblog has come with a step by step tutorial to convert your existing Micro SIM into a Nano SIM.

The specifications of Nano SIM goes something like this:

Width: 12.3mm  ||  Height: 8.8mm  ||  Depth: 0.67mm

Checkout the YouTube Video below for the step by step guide.

The most difficult part in this process is how to reduce the depth or thickness of the Micro SIM to that of Nano SIM. The tools needed for doing all this include :

  • Digital Caliper (You can’t measure this small accurately with normal ruler)
  • Sandpaper
  • scissors

The process involves cutting the SIM using scissors and then using the sand paper to reduce the thickness of the SIM.  This Nano SIM still needs to be tested on the new iPhone as the guy who created this tutorial is still to receive the iPhone 5. But he is sure that it will work on it. We will update this post about this later on, but we do hope that the nano SIM created using this method will work on iPhone 5.

Image Credits and Source: iDownloadblog