Weather Watcher Live Review and License Key Giveaway

If you need to keep check on weather updates frequently then Weather Watcher Live is for you. It is a simple yet feature rich desktop application if you need minute details like temperature, pressure, humidity, Wind conditions right on your desktop with a option to get those details with frequent updates as required along with Maps and alerts included.

Developers Description

Weather Watcher Live connects you to the closest weather stations to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date weather information. It’s a convenient way to quickly access your local current weather conditions, weather forecasts and weather maps all from one place.

The desktop app uses different online weather services to provide the details like weather information, forecasts, temperature, and expected highs and lows. More locations can be added simultaneously and you can switch between them just using the the weather watcher icon in the task-bar. You can change the settings as required including the units, the weather services that are used for providing all the data along with loads of customizations. You can even filter the alerts using keywords so that you get the alerts that you need.

The bad part, most of these features e.g Maps, alerts etc. need your browser capabilities to work and its not inbuilt into the application but just a tab to click.


Thanks to singerscreations, we are giving away  (10) 1 year licenses of Weather Watcher Live to readers of Avinashtech. Just follow the simple rules below to enter in this draw.

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  • Guest Link Reply

    My 30 day trial just ran out so please include me in this giveaway Avinash. I would like to have a copy as it’s always nice to track severe storms during the summer season.

    • Marshall Law Link Reply

      I am intrested in this app, as this app shows the weather information which is awesome, Just count me in 🙂

  • Have Link Reply

    Hi! To view the weather sites I use the weather in you browser. After reading the review of this excellent program, I think it will help me more quickly learn about all the weather changes.Best regards!

  • Suetonius Link Reply

    Thanks for this giveaway. Weather Watcher Live sounds interesting. Please count me in. Thanks

  • Grr Link Reply

    Thanks Avi.

    Please count me in, as the weather  at my place is very unpredictable.


  • MohammadWasiullah Link Reply

    Thanks for giveaway
    count me in!/mohammadwasi786/status/151878275248033793

  • bala Link Reply

    Please count me in too. Thanks. 

  • darma Link Reply

    I like this program to keep updated on the weather forecast around the globe. Thanks.

  • Sunilkmadam Link Reply

    Please count me in.

  • Haclong0901 Link Reply

    please count me

    thank you very much

  • Please count me in


  • Remsen Link Reply

    Nice giveaway, as always 🙂
    Count me in of course.
    Why? My dad is a saylor, so it will nice gift for him 😉
    Thanx and regards

  • blaster2001 Link Reply

    amazing, since this is desktop app. I don’t need to go to yahoo weather to check for the updates. This will be practical for me :)..

  • Jowin Link Reply

    Thanks for the giveaway…. And please count me in as I live in chennai and weather is very unpredictable….. Thanks…

  • May Thy Link Reply

    Thank for your giveaway, please count me!

  • SambasivaRao Kenguva Link Reply

    As Usual one more Nice giveaway from you 🙂

    Please Count me in and i will gift it to my mom on her B’day(She is a Weather reporter)


  • briareoushex Link Reply

    Count me in.

  • Acat Atease Link Reply

    Thanks, Avanish, for making this available. I would use this often.  Having it on the Desktop vice having to log on to check the weather would certainly be useful. By all means toss my name into the hat.

  • Thegamekiller94 Link Reply

    Thanks ..Include me

  • Anson Link Reply

    I wish to win the license, first to know the world weather because my girl friend is in oversea, i hope to get this app so i can take care of her more. besides that it will be useful for myself which is in a tropical country where the weather is rally unpredictable. therefore i wish this software can really useful to my life

    Thanks and regards.

  • Anees292 Link Reply

    Please count me too.


  • Abi6 Link Reply

    Thanks !!!!

  • Krsom Link Reply

    Please count me also

  • Joa13 Link Reply

    I want to win this software to check weather not only in my contry but in Spain where live my sister with Family. I’m interesting how theit have weather. I think weather watcher live is very useful software and I want to win it. Great contest. Please count me in. 🙂!/joapio13/status/152206942020960256

  • Nice information about Weather Watcher Live and it a grate and useful application for temperature, pressure, humidity, Wind conditions
    right on your desktop with a options. Really amazing……

  • RAGAGH Link Reply


  • Alper Link Reply

    Thanks for giveaway, please count me in.

  • Buntyduggal Link Reply

    May I have a copy please. I would think that it would be a handy app to find the weather of a place I would be travelling to

  • Numpayak Link Reply

    Good review Please count me in.

  • mike Link Reply

    pls include me in the draw..tks a lot

  • Noahsark Link Reply

    This sounds like a nice program. Would like to try it. Thanks

  • Lee Link Reply

    I would like this to check the weather before I head out to exercise and to see the days forecast before I go to work – count me in!


  • RGG SOFT Link Reply

    Weather Watcher Live is great application. i can say that it personal desktop weather station.
    Great its feeds from weatherbug and NWS. Had data of thousand of places/cities. provide details of week forecast also in its properly designed UI. count me for this one.
    thanks for giveaway

  • SinoTiger Link Reply

    I would like to try it, so I hope I will get one license of this software.Thanks for your giveaway!! ^_^

  • Cosme Link Reply

    I installed the trial and the software looks good; You can choose a weather station close to your house and the update interval.
    I think it’s better than the windows weather gadget so count me in.

  • Cycle Link Reply

    Cycling is fun but it is even better if you don’t get caught in the rain!

  • SamChan Link Reply

    This is an amazing software!!/KimHoangTran/status/153829903576469504
    Thanks Avinashtech and Singerscreations for the giveaway!

  • Matt Link Reply

    Good for freezing days!

  • John D Link Reply
  • dinosaur07 Link Reply

    i`d like to try this app, sounds interesting, pls count me in to win a license. 10x

  • Juan Link Reply

    I dont have money and my 30 day trial expires

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