Most of us love Gmail for loads of unique features it provides in a simple and efficient manner. Whenever you feel like, you got almost everything you need with your Inbox, the guys at Gmail comeup with something new. This time, a new Feature called “Priority Inbox” is rolling out.

Priority Inbox splits your inbox into three sections: “Important and unread,” “Starred” and “Everything else”:

The feature is still to be rolled out to everyone. I found the feature enabled in one of my Google apps account when I logged on today.

Hopefully, this feature will help reduce some load on our inbox moving non-important mails away from our priority views.

As messages come in, Gmail automatically flags some of them as important. Gmail uses a variety of signals to predict which messages are important, including the people you email most (if you email Bob a lot, a message from Bob is probably important) and which messages you open and reply to (these are likely more important than the ones you skip over). And as you use Gmail, it will get better at categorizing messages for you. You can help it get better by clicking the or buttons at the top of the inbox to correctly mark a conversation as important or not important. (You can even set up filters to always mark certain things important or unimportant, or rearrange and customize the three inbox sections.)

Watch the Youtube Video which explains this visually.

Via: [Gmail Blog]