A small Avinashtech Readers survey

I am putting this small survey for readers of Avinashtech to hear from them what they think about the different aspects of the blog. The survey is a small one consisting of few  multiple answer type questions plus few general feedback questions.

I would like everyone of you to do me this small favor by providing some feedback so that I can improve the blog based on readers feedback.

The Survey is embedded in this post only so that you need not leave the site to complete the survey. All questions are optional and you can provide feedback to questions you want to answer only or all.

The survey is only available on the blog. So email and RSS subscriber, visit this link for the survey.

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  1. I have replied to almost same comment in that post too.And as i have said before, if you thing I am biased or I do not know english there are loads of sites available on the web much better than mine. You can just go there.Also, I am not here to test English of the people who comment. Its not a Enlish learning or testing site. Anyone who comments even in the worst English is most welcome here.Regarding me struggling to get visitors on site???well even you are coming back here and commenting which shows there is something else than my poor english or my so called biased opinion which is making you to come to my site. Anyway, I wont be replying to this comment again.

    • Well, there are better places to laugh instead of web or my so called this funny blog.

      I don’t think I owe a explanation and hence wont give it. If you think I am irresponsible so be it. And thanks for the good luck.

      Regarding partition master, You didnt read the full post. I have just linked to GAOTD and never said its somewhere else. Read before commenting. Anyway, I know You will be back with another big comment about my double standards.

      Once again, Come here to laugh. At least I am making you laugh even by double standards as you say.

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