Ever got frustrated by restrictions and less flexibility on your Itunes for managing your Media library and doing so many other things.I am one of those guys who got fed up with Itunes and was searching for some good itunes replacement. And then i found something called Floola which is a great Itunes replacement.

Floola is a Lightweight and full-featured comprehensive replacement for Apple’s iTunes software, capable of performing virtually all of the functions of the official management utility. It doesn’t require any installation and can be run just by running its executable file. It is available for Windows, Linux, and the Mac OS, can even run from a thumb drive or the iPod itself

It is capable to move music, photos, and videos to the player,& also manage podcast downloads; create and upload playlists; convert video files to an iPod-compatible format, and can upload Web videos from sites such as YouTube to the iPod just by entering the URL. The program supports both lyrics and album art, as well, and can also play back media stored on the iPod through the connected computer on which it’s running. Floola can also manage media files on other devices that use iTunes, such as some models of Motorola cellphones and the iPhone.

Floola is a open-source alternative to iTunes, with its nice user interface, provides an easy, installation-free way to handle virtually all common tasks that you’d need to do with iTunes.You can transfer your files from any system without any restrictions.

Download Floola here.