Some friend of mine had a peculiar problem just like many of you. Many of us sometimes get caught in a situation when we need to update Kaspersky antivirus or KIS offline due to non availabilty of internet on that particular system.Many of us dont know how to update those defnitions offline. Even sometimes internet access isnot available on some systems but still need to update antivirus defnitions. Today i will be talking about how to update Kaspersky antivirus or kaspersky internet security offline.
  1. First we need to download the updates from Kaspersky servers. You can find those updates on this page here.
  2. Depedning on your product versions download respective updates for your may not find version 8 there but u can use version 7 updates for your version 8.
  3. Download either daily update or last week update or download full updates if you havenot updated ur antivirus for long time or even few weeks.The files are in ZIP format.
  4. After downloading extract the files into a folder.
  5. Now you need to change update settings in ur antivirus or internet security settings/preferences.
  6. Add the location of the extracted files to the source location by browsing the location where the files are located.
After adding the location just tick it on as its already done for kaspersky servers.After that you can update ur kaspersky antivirus or internet security by clicking the update now button.