Have you ever thought of logging into your Windows computer using your face instead of typing a password? |Even though it looks so advanced, you can do that on your system using a free tool called Luxand Blink. Using this, you can login to your Windows machine just by looking at it.


  • Login to Your PC by Simply Looking!
  • Reliable Login under Varying Conditions
  • Changed Haircut? Swapped Glasses for Contacts? No Problem!
  • Improved Security
  • Catch Identity Thieves

Installation was smooth just like any other windows application. It detected my laptop web cam quite easily and asked permission to use it. After that you need to let it recognise your face by sitting in front of camera and moving your face from left to right so that it can recognise and save it for login later on.

The options are pretty simple and clear enough. Now when you reach login screen, the camera starts automatically and tries to identify the face to login. The developers say it works pretty well in varying conditions sucessfully.

How it Performs

For me, it took some time to recognise my face first time. Thats OK as it need to create a database of face from almost all angles. Also, it leave your password login as it is which means you can login with your password even if face recognition is installed. That’s bad in terms of security but good in terms of situations when you cant login using your face which happened with me too.

When i tried testing it for logins, sadly the performance was not that much good. You can call it bad perhaps. I was able to login just once out of 10 times I tried even though I was sitting on same place where the first face recognition was done by the tool with good lighting all around.The reason, may be its still not designed for almost every type of race all over the world or it still needs to be improved a lot.

So I would advice, don’t use this until you got proper lighting right on your face. You cant use it to login in varying conditions of your surroundings.

Supported OS: Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit). Haven’t tested it on XP but officially it doesn’t work.


Download here.