How often you leave your computer unattended and scared of someone copying your data or messing up with your system by deleting, renaming files and folders or ending processes running on system? There is a small utility which can help you avoid all this. I have talked about  a similar utility M File Anti-Copy few months back. Today we will see another utility i.e. Prevent.

Prevent is a small freeware utility which disables or stop cut copy, paste function along with disabling the task manager button along with context menu items with a single hotkey.

Prevent :

1. Stops Cut
2. Stops Paste
3. Stops Copy
4. Stops Delete
5. Stops Copy To
6. Stops Move to
7. Stops Send To
8. Prevents renaming
9. Disables Task Manager’s End Process button.

Also it doesn’t allow you to right click on process name and click on end process. It also grays out the context menu items, disable Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V and/or stops the process.

[Download Prevent]