Most of you who work on computers either at home or Work, are faced with desktop clutter one time or the other. Every few days, our Computer desktop is full of files and folders which are not organized and cluttered. Even if we clean it, then also the same state of cluttered desktop returns after few days or weeks.

Fences : Make your Desktop clutter Free

So whats the solution? Fences is a nice application from Stardock which can help in removing and getting rid of the desktop clutter and managing the desktop in much better way by organizing the files and folders in a better way.

Fences organizes  automatically all the icons on your desktop by categorizing in different categories like Shortcuts, Folders, Recent things, Web Links, Files and documents , emails etc. It provides six presets for the arrangement of desktop. If you are a advance user and would like to arrange those things in your own way , then you can choose advance options.

You can drag and drop each icon on desktop very easily. Also, just double click on your desktop and wow, all your desktop is free from icons. Dont worry, they are hidden once you double click. To unhide, you just need to double click again anywhere on blank space on your Desktop.

Note :- You will require .NET Framework 2.0 or later be installed on your system for fences to work.

[Download Fences]