How to disable Auto Sleep mode in Windows 7

Windows 7 brings lot of new features and changes in the way Windows work. One of the features which though isn’t new is the auto sleep mode in which the system gets in sleep mode after 10 minutes. This particular feature was giving me troubles yesterday when i was trying to download Microsoft office 2010 beta profession plus.

As my Internet connection is not so fast and the file was around 700 mb , so i just started the download and switched off the monitor and went to sleep. But when i returned back to system after 6-7 hours, i found the download just got paused after 10 minutes, the reason being auto sleep  mode. The system went into sleep mode when i left it.


To disable it or change its configuration, Navigate to Control pane l>> Power options. Then you will see the option of selecting the power plan. By default, The “Balanced” option is checked.


Just on right side of it, click on “Change plan settings”.


In the settings, just change the time when you want the computer to sleep. You can change it to “Never” if you want to disable it fully. Otherwise change to a value suitable to you e.g. 1 hour, 2 hour etc.


Save your settings and you are done. Now the computer can download your big files even if you are not on it.

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  1. Thanks!! Я увесь час вмикю Вінамп з музикою по колу, щоб ком не спав))))))))

  2. This was awesome… just one thing. I couldn’t find “Power Options” until I figured out to see control panel in large or small icons. Not a biggie but its worth noting for people who would otherwise get lost on the first step 🙂

  3. problem is, we should not HAVE to disable sleep or extend sleep time frames… windows is smart enough to know when a process is running or not. If it wasn’t, having hdd drives power down from XP power saving profiles would’ve interrupted processes all of the time. Absolutely ridiculous

  4. thanks it helps me a lot… i have similar thing happen, when im downloading a movie, i let my laptop download it cuz it takes 1 hour to finished it… just like u, when i returned, i’ve found the download just got paused after 10 minutes The system went into sleep mode when i left it… and when i want to continue the download, its said error… thats annoying but thanks to u i can shut this auto sleepy mode up so i can download happily…

  5. en win7 seria : inicio/panel de control/ardware y sonido/opciones de energia/cambiar la frecuencia en que el equipo entra en estado de suspension.

  6. Thanks for the instruction. As I’m an XP OS guy and at the moment HATE Windows 7, I appreciate the help!

  7. I have all my sleep options set to never, yet after 10 minutes, it sleeps and goes to the screen I have to hit ctrl+alt+del to sign in.
    How can I change this?

  8. knew all that, problem is, it didn’t work, computer is STILL gong to sleep… and you explaining the obvious to people, is preventing me from finding posts to the real problem.

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