Get 7 GB of cloud storage anywhere with SkyDrive App for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad


Most Windows user remember Skydrive as a forgotten service offered by Microsoft which still offers a whopping 25 GB of cloud storage space for free. I used the term “forgottten service” for skydrive for the reason that it lacked almost every feature that you can thought of, in a good cloud storage provider like Dropbox or Sugrasync. The major reason was the lack of good syncing capability across different devices or even different PCs.

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Get Free 50 GB Box.Net online storage using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Here is some good news if you own a  iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Apple device. is giving away 50 GB of storage in the cloud completely free, forever to anyone who uses a Box Personal account on an iOS device i.e iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  This storage can be accessed anywhere whether itsyour laptop at home … Read more

Get 5 GB Free Cloud storage with Comodo online storage

We frequently talk about about online or cloud based backup sytems to protect your valuable data from corruption, virus damage, hard disk failure, accidental deletion and theft or loss. Some of these cloud based backup systems available are Dropbox, Sugarsync, Ubuntu one, Mozy and Carbonite backups. Each of these provide loads of advantages and each … Read more

Access 25 GB Skydrive with Windows Explorer

Some of you may remember my previous post few months back regarding Skydrive service from Microsoft which lets you use 25 GB space for free for storing anything you want for your personal use. You can use this to store your files and can be accessed anywhere anytime using your Windows live sign in username and password adding a considerable amount of security.

Normally You need a Browser to access it using a internet enabled system. Sometime this is not a great way to access your files. Skydriver Explorer is such a tool which can let you access 25 GB Skydrive with Windows Explorer without opening any browser.

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