Get 7 GB of cloud storage anywhere with SkyDrive App for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad

Get 7 GB of cloud storage anywhere with SkyDrive App for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad 1Most Windows user remember Skydrive as a forgotten service offered by Microsoft which still offers a whopping 25 GB of cloud storage space for free. I used the term “forgottten service” for skydrive for the reason that it lacked almost every feature that you can thought of, in a good cloud storage provider like Dropbox or Sugrasync. The major reason was the lack of good syncing capability across different devices or even different PCs.

Looks like this  scenario is going to change soon as Microsoft just pushed a major release or upgrade to its skydrive service. Microsoft has released apps to access Skydrive on different platforms with the ability to sync everything on each of your device where you install the Skydrive App. Apart from this major change in terms of feature and App release, this update comes with numerous other changes about which we will talk about in this post.

New Features of Skydrive

  • Skydrive Apps for major platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS (i.e iPhone and iPad).
  • Ability to Sync, access, browse  & stream your skydrive files from anywhere.
  • Drag and drop files upto 2 GB into skydrive
  • Offline access to all your files with Windows Explorer.
  • A very small installer with just 5 MB in size.

Get 7 GB of cloud storage anywhere with SkyDrive App for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad 2

Free Space Limited to 7 GB instead of 25 GB

With this major update, here comes one bummer. Skydrive has reduced the amount of free space available to users  to 7 GB now from the previous limit of 25 GB. Even though 7 GB is good enough for most of the users, some big users may feel bad about this reduction. For users who need more storage than 7 GB, can buy additional space from Microsoft on annual basis.

Claim your 25 GB Space as Free Upgrade

There is some good news though for old users of Skydrive. For a limited time, any registered SkyDrive user who has uploaded files to SkyDrive as of April 22nd can opt in to keep 25GB of free storage while still getting all of the benefits of the new service.You need to just sign in into your skydrive account and you will get the option to upgrade to 25 GB of cloud storage for Free.

Get 7 GB of cloud storage anywhere with SkyDrive App for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad 3

Get 7 GB of cloud storage anywhere with SkyDrive App for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad 4

No Support for Windows XP

One of the bad or ridiculous restrictions that come with this major update is, there is no support for available for users who are on Windows XP. You can only access your SkyDrive from Windows Explorer on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. This restriction looks odd as Windows XP still command a major user base all over the world. The restriction can not be justified unless there is some commercial motive from Microsoft. We can only guess.

Download Apps

Download for Windows (preview)

Download for Windows Phone

Download for iPhone and iPad

Download for OS X Lion (preview)

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  • Kite_Pan Link Reply

    Thank you for info!

  • KenFalco Link Reply

    Hahaha: No Support for Windows XP.
    This is really incredible! There are several interesting proposals from competitors; Microsoft should be more careful, because XP users are still many…

    • That’s true. I am not using skydrive for one simple reason that I am using windows XP on few system still and no support for XP means I cant sync everything everywhere.

      Basically makes it a flawed concept as you cant sync everything everywhere.

  • I was pretty happy after claiming 25 Gb in my two Hotmail accounts. With the desktop app its better than even A Drive.. 😀

    • I did that too. Claimed 25 GB each for two of my hotmail accounts. MUch better than anything except one major drawback. No support for XP as I still use system with Windows XP on it.

      • Oh !! That’s why I wasn’t able to install. I was thinking if this is my system specific problem.. 😮 It’s bad from Microsoft.

        • lol 🙂 Looks like you forgot to see that in my post above. Even the Skydrive Page doesn’t list anything about windows XP support on main page. If you dig deep into theskydrive pages, then only you will find that it doesnt support Windows XP.

          Looks like a pure commercial decision made by some silly Sales person who think that it can prompt people to upgrade from XP to newer versions of
          Windows, but in reality it will lead to many people like us not using Skydrive at all.

          • Oops… I actually rushed into claiming my 25 Gb that I missed that part 😛

            You are correct in saying that. I continued using A-Drive in XP 🙂

            • Me too sticking with Sugarsync and Dropbox.

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