Get Ocster Backup Pro 6 license key for Free

Here is another freebie many of you wont like to miss. You can get Ocster Backup Pro 6 license key for Free, thanks to a promo by Also, thanks to Ashwin for the tip. Developer’s Description: Ocster Backup Pro 6 amazes with an up to 600% faster backup speed*1 to 1 File Copy, i.e. … Read more

Fake Firefox/Flash Update used by Rough Antivirus

For last few days something strange was happening on my system, Firefox to be exact. Once in a while when I open Firefox, it was prompting me for a flash player update. Even though this was unusual I didnt find it odd as it looks so similar to Firefox update page that comes whenever Firefox … Read more

Download Manager/accelerator built inside Firefox

As many of you know, i am a big fan of Firefox, the reasons for which are many. One of them is loads of Add-ons available for firefox to perform different stuffs ranging from customisations to security and so on.

Here comes another addon which helps you use web more smoother. We download loads of files from the web for different purposes. And we often need to use a download accelerator / manager for it as we need functions like resume downloads. Also big files need to be downloaded at faster speeds.

DownThemAll is a firefox addon that does what a Download Manager / accelerator does. Its the the first and only download manager/accelerator built inside Firefox!

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