Giveaway : WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe unlimited license key

It has been quite some time since we had a unlimited giveaway. Today we are giving away WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. This is an exclusive giveaway for Avinashtech readers as well as social fans. Most of us need to convert Videos from one format to another due to vast variety of gadgets, smartphone and … Read more

Grab Adobe Creative Suite 2 Software Bundle for Free

If you love to use Adobe products but can not afford them, then here is your golden opportunity to grab the whole Adobe Creative Suite 2 Software Bundle for Free. Adobe Creative Suite is one of the most expensive software tools which most of us can not afford to buy. Thanks to Adobe for giving the  Adobe Creative Suite 2 bundle for free.

Adobe Photoshop Free

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Enable built in PDF Reader in Firefox (>version 15 )

Mozilla has just released the next version of one the most popular web browser i.e Firefox and it is available for everyone to download. Firefox 15 comes with some major features, two of which are the built-in PDF files support and Silent, background updates just like the Google Chrome. In this post we will talk about in-built PDF reader in Firefox which is unfortunately disabled by default, but can be easily enabled by changing a small setting in about:config.

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Windows 8 Enterprise 90-day trial version ISO images Released

Few days back, Windows 8 Enterprise  RTM version got leaked just  before the official availability of Windows 8 through official channels like MSDN and Technet. If you are have a MSDN or Technet subscription, you can get hands on the official final version of Windows 8 using those subscriptions as Microsoft has released the final version of Windows 8 to MSDN and TechNet subscribers today. But most of us have no access to these channels and still we can have access to final version of Windows 8 even though its a 90-day trial or evaluation.

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How to edit PDF files and Documents with PDFedit995

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are the most widely used all over the world. Some of the reasons that PDF files are used widely include the compactness, the security like blocking access to printing or editing and still being accessible with a free PDF reader like Acrobat reader.  These features often though need to be bypassed and you need tools to edit the PDF files for one reason or the Other. PDF editing is possible with commercial tools like Acrobat Pro, but it is very expensive and most users don’t need all the features that it offers.

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