Norton (Symantec) launches iAntivirus for Macs, available in Appstore

Norton (Symantec) launches iAntivirus for Macs, available in Appstore 1One of the most popular Antivirus security vendor Symantec (Norton) has just launched iAntivirus for Macs. This release is significant in view of the fact that Apple’s popular Mac OS has slowly started to emerge as a new target for virus creators and Mac OS have been hit with many trojans and malwares in recent month despite being the general perception of its userbase that Mac OS is not prone to virus or malware.

Norton (Symantec) launches iAntivirus for Macs, available in Appstore 2

iAntivirus is available in Mac App Store now as a Free App as of now. It comes with essential virus protection built for Mac which includes on-demand malware & virus scanner from Norton protecting your Mac from latest threats of malware, virus, Trojans etc. It also protects your Mac apps like iPhoto, pictures, iTunes music and all other stuff on your Mac from these threats. It even comes with the capability to scan your Facebook wall for malicious links & hence protecting you from online threats like phishing.


  • Award-winning technology blocks threats before they damage your Mac, iPhoto® pictures, iTunes® media and other important Stuff.
  • Innovative “carousel” interfaces lets you use two fingers to swipe between your home folder and full system and other scanning options.
  • Lets you quickly and easily scan files by simply dragging and dropping them onto iAntivirus.
  • Built for speed from the ground up, so it won’t get in the way of your Mac experience.
  • Works seamlessly against Windows threats too, to make sure the documents you share are safe for everyone.
  • Updates available regularly through the App Store to help detect the latest breaking threats.


Download iAntivirus for your Mac from App Store.

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