Record and edit Audio with Audacity


How many of you are into Audio editing often? Often you wish you can record some audio available on microphone, line input, or other sources ? I have been always wary of Audio/Video editing stuff, but many of you love doing this. Audacity is a easy to use Free and open source tool that can [...]

How to encrypt Files, folders or data with 256 bit Encryption


How much concerned you are about privacy and security on your system? Or how many critical and sensitive files or folders or any other data you want to hide from everyone? Even if you are able to hide them, do you encrpyt them with best encryption like AES so that even if someone finds them, [...]

Winners : Tidysongs to clean your music


Sorry for the delay guys. I delayed announcement of Tidysongs giveway winners for one day for some reasons. Anyway, here's finally the Winners are announced now. The winners are selected using List randomiser (at 8 PM IST ) as usual. Here's the winners list: Rahul Gils Aren Taniach Kimlanvn For those of you who [...]

Access 25 GB Skydrive with Windows Explorer


Some of you may remember my previous post few months back regarding Skydrive service from Microsoft which lets you use 25 GB space for free for storing anything you want for your personal use. You can use this to store your files and can be accessed anywhere anytime using your Windows live sign in username [...]

Grab PDF Password Remover (Worth $19.95)for FREE


How often you need to deal with PDF files? And how often you are faced with some secured PDF files where restrictions are imposed using a password and you cannot edit, print or some other operation with it. Thanks to one of Avinashtech readers dramatictimes, I am sharing this giveaway. You can grab AnyBizSoft PDF [...]

Winners : Panda Internet Security and ZoneAlarm Pro


Just two days back, we had this Panda Internet Security and ZoneAlarm Pro Giveaway. I would like to say here, I didn't expected such a response to it. That's why i said it as Small Giveaway. But thanks to Murphy at forum, i got a huge response to this giveaway which resulted in lot [...]

Giveaway: Tidysongs cleans up your songs automatically


How many of you are music freaks? How many of you have thousands of songs either on your portable player or your computer ? Out of all those songs , how many songs are duplicate, No Album artwork, Missing artist or album details and other information? I bet most of the guys have badly organized [...]

Download Yahoo messenger 10 offline installer from yahoo servers


For those of you who dont want to run Yahoo messenger web installer to install yahoo messenger and need direct download would love this. The web installer by default contains yahoo bloatware like yahoo toolbar which irritates most of us. Even you can get the direct download link easily if you are using the URL [...]