Backup all your Online accounts, Data with Backupify


Many of you may ask why you need a backup of online accounts or data. Most of you including me has loads of data stored up in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Wordpress, Blogger, friendfeed etc. You get to lose all the data if something happens to your online accounts. Here's what the Backupify says [...]

Download Online Armor ++ FREE on January 29th worth $59.95


Just today, I Announced the lucky winners for 100 Licenses of Online Armor premium firewall. For those of you who missed that giveaway, here's another one. A bigger one. You can grab Online Armor ++ FREE on January 29th worth $59.95. We already had talked about its premium version in the giveaway post. Online Armor [...]

Winners : 100 Online armor licenses, Biggest Giveaway on Avinashtech


So finally, Here's the list of lucky Winners of 100 Online Armor licenses. The process made me tired. Extracting email addresses from the comments and then removing duplicates from it was a big and daunting task. It took too much time and thats why I take a whole long day before I could announce the [...]

Explore/Browse cache files of Firefox browser


Have you ever tried to browse or see how the files are cached by Firefox browser? Most of you know that every browser keeps cache of of the websites you visit in your browser and hence the files associated with those websites. Cache is helpful most of times if you want to recheck what sites [...]

Block/Disable USB Pen Drives to be used on Your Computer


USB Pen drives are a great tool for carrying out our data from one place to other easily, but they can also be responsible for virus infections on your system along with the easiest way to steal your confidential and sensitive data from your system. Using a simple registry edit, You can Block USB Pen [...]

Biggest Giveaway on Avinashtech : 100 Online Armor licenses for Avinashtech readers


So Finally, The cat is out of  bag fully. As I have said earlier, this is going to be biggest giveaway from Avinashtech. Here I would like to thank David Northmore from who genorously provided me 100 license to Giveaway here. If you use online banking, buy things online, send and receive emails or just [...]

A small clarification : Avinashtech banned at Forum

I was not sure whether I should post this or not. But later I thought its better to write this here. The story is bit long perhaps but I will be short here. First thing first here. I have been a reader of blog for long time may be 2-3 years atleast. I love [...]

Big Giveaway (Coming tommorow) : 100 Online Armor licenses for Avinashtech readers


I am letting Cat out of the bag even though not fully out. The Big giveaway I was talking about in my previous post is a Big Giveaway (Coming tommorow): 100 Online Armor licenses for Avinashtech readers In fact this one is biggest ever on Avinashtech. I will be giving away 100 licenses of Online [...]