Firefox 4 final released with 431,333 downloads and counting

It has been a long wait for Firefox fans for release of Final version of Firefox 4. It took a whopping 12 beta and 2 RC versions to reach the final version. Firefox 4 is now officially available on Mozilla website and can be downloaded there. Before the final version got released officially, many blogs … Read more

Grab Sticky Password Free (Password manager and online form filler)

Thanx to a promo by Softpedia, you can grab Grab Sticky Password Free (Password manager and online form filler) letting you organise and save all your passwords at same place with industry’s most powerful encryption algorithms and provides effective protection against phishing schemes, concealed key-loggers and identity theft. Each license also includes the portable version … Read more

How to enable secure HTTPS on twitter and many others

Most users on the web are not at all concerned about security whether due to ignorance, laziness  or any other reason, good websites try their best to make their websites and the user interaction through them as much secure as possible. Enabling HTTPS connection while transmitting data over web is one such security measure. Even … Read more

Trafficlight: Secure your browser from Viruses, Phishing and Spam Advertisements

Most of you know that browser can be the entry point for majority of security threats like Viruses, phishing scams and spam. We keep talking of securing our browser by various means often either by upgrading to latest version as and when they come by or using security addons with browsers like keyscrambler, myWOT, addons … Read more