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Spending time on Twitter is one of the most contagious things you will find on the web. Sending tweets back and forth is an activity over 250 million people are currently enjoying. It is well known that a reputation on Twitter comes with consistent and sustainable tweeting of great content. Let me therefore introduce you [...]


Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available on mobile platforms like Android, Iphone , Ipads etc. Just sometime back, Angry birds are being released for Windows Desktop platform too. The game is not available for Free if you want to play it on your Windows Desktop. It will cost you $4.99 to [...]


How many of you love to play Media files just like in a Media Center just like Windows 7 ultimate Edition or Windows XP Media Center Edition? Instead of buying or upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, you can give XBMC Media center as full alternative for FREE as a full Media Center Application solution. [...]

Download Mozilla Firefox 4 RC now


After loads of beta releases (12 to be precise), Mozilla has finally released a Release Candidate version of Firefox 4 yesterday (March 9). Hopefully we will soon have the final version of Firefox 4 unless there is no more Release Candidate (RC) version before the final release. What Firefox 4 RC is All about: Firefox 4 RC [...]


Most Firefox users including me love to save user name and passwords of web pages using the save password feature of Firefox. For everyone who is using "Save Passwords", should also use a master password so that all the passwords are safe. Today we will talk about a small Firefox Addon called Password Exporter which [...]