I have been a big supporter of Windows XP and I was never able to switch to Windows Vista due to various reasons. It is like I almost hate Vista. Many of the simple features you have in XP can be found missing in new Windows 7 and you would like to have them even in Windows 7.

One of these features is Quick Launch feature in the taskbar. Its not available directly in Windows 7. You need to enable it with some trick. Here we will talk about how to enable it in Windows 7.

1. Just right click on taskbar, and unlock the toolbar. After that , right click again on taskbar and then click new toolbar.

Quick Launch Windows 7-12. When you click new toolbar as above, type “ %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch ” in the browser location without the quotes.

Quick Launch Windows 7 - 23.  After u click select folder, you will find a quick launch kind of thing on your taskbar at the extreme right side.

Quick Launch Windows 7 - 34. Now you need to drag the separator bar near start button to other side of quick launch.

Quick Launch Windows 7 - 45. After this you will find quick launch near your Start button but with text and title  of Quick launch. Just right click on the task bar around quick launch and deselect “show title” and “show text”.

Quick Launch Windows 7 - 5That’s all. Now you will have Quick Launch on your Windows 7 as you had in Windows XP .