How many of you are music freaks or at least  love to hear music as and when you can get hold of , in one form or the other. I love to hear music, the soft music whenever i can either on my PC or my IPod Classic.

Just browsing over the web, i came across Its like a online web radio station having a great collection of radio stations, artists, songs and genres.  It gives you option to search the artist or genre of your choice.


Also the search results are pretty much fast and you can select your choice . The music runs smoothly without any lag or disruptions even on my slow connection of 256Kbps (yes you read it right. I am India).

theRADIO Search
theRADIO Search

The collection is great. Give it a try and i dont think , anything you search for there and wont find. Almost everything is in their collection.

theRADIO collectionHave a look at it. Use it for sometime and share your experiences with it here in comments below. I would love to hear from you.