Download Norton AntiVirus 2012 90 days Free version


Symantec has released its 2012 version of Norton Antivirus and Internet security products to the public. It is available on their website to be bought by anyone or you can download a trial version. This post would neither talk about whats new nor we will do any review of Norton Antivirus 2012. In this post [...]

Facebook Social Media Threats [Infographic]


Just few days back we shared a Infographic about Android Malware threats along with some basic security tips. Today we will share a infographic on Facebook Social Media Threats and how clickjacking on facebook leads to personal information being stolen from users. Most of the social media or Facebook threats use the users curiosity about the [...]

Amazon Kindle Tablet: How different to iPad 2 [Rumors]


All of us are aware of the number of gadgets available in the market trying to give iPad 2 some competition, but till date none of these have been able to perform to be called a real "iPad Killer".  In midst of all these, we are hearing rumors of Amazon launching its own called Amazon Kindle [...]

Free AVG Antivirus 2012 released [Review]


As we all know that AVG is one of those security Vendors who provide a Free Antivirus solution which is quite good if you do not compare it with the paid Antivirus solutions. The latest version of Free AVG Antivirus 2012 is released and boasts of improved speed, better scan times and  detection. This Free [...]

Google search adds option to block results from whole domain


Google search today unveiled a new feature which lets you block search results from whole domains for anything you search. As we all know that sometimes some domains can be offensive for some reason or may be that we just dont like a particular domain and hence want our search results to be free from [...]

Android Malware threats and basic security tips [Infographic]


As most of us know that Android is being used widely all over the world on almost 51.9 Million devices like Smartphones, Tablets etc and is the most popular Operating System for smartphone, tablet devices along with Apple iOS. All this popularity comes with a price. Malware writers and hackers have slowly started writing malware [...]

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation 3.0 with WinPE based bootable disk Giveaway


Backups and restore of systems are the most critical components in case of a disaster due to unforeseen circumstances, Virus infections, system corruption or any thing else which makes your system. Everyone needs backups and restore utility or tool which can help you keep regular backups automatically and can restore your system in case of disasters. Today [...]

How to block Youtube video-ads in Chrome [Extension]


If you like watching videos on you are probably often annoyed by the increasing amount of video advertisements served to you by Google. Firefox users can just install Adblock Plus and forget about the fact that advertisements ever existed. But what about Chrome users? Even though there are adblockers available for Chrome as well, [...]