MapDroyd: Free offline Maps for your Android Device


All of us use Google Maps for finding any location/ place anywhere in this world. As we all know, Google Maps is a online application and it needs a good internet connection to work properly. Also, its not possible to save the maps for offline access. So if you are moving out of your parent [...]

Find details of running processes, registry, drivers, startup items, network connections with ESET SysInspector


How often you try to find out whats going on in your system including details like running processes, registry, drivers, startup items, network connections. Generally, for a average user, its very difficult to find the information like these unless he knows how to dive deep into Windows system. Today we will talk about a great diagnostic tool [...]

Get Windows 7 and Google Android Dual OS on ViewPad 10 Pro Tablet


Here comes something new in Tablets, at least I never heard of it. ViewPad 10 from Viewsonic gives you a Dual OS of Windows 7 and Google Android on the tablet. This tablet runs both Windows 7 and Android 2.3 simultaneously and you can just click a icon to start Android right inside Windows 7. [...]

Grab id Software’s Rage Games for iOS for Free on iTunes Store


If you are a Games Freak and love to play games, here is a good news for you. id Software is giving away its Rage/Rage HD for Free for next one week in celebration of 100k likes for its Facebook Fan Page. I am not a Game freak, in fact rarely play Games and hence [...]

Search all your online data in one place with Greplin


Most of us love Google search engine for sheer accurateness at which it gives us the search results for anything we want to find over the web by just using keywords or even full sentence. Most of the time, we get what we want from the first few results of first search results page. What [...]

Grab Avira Security Suite free for 180 days


Avira Security suite is one of the best solutions available on the web if you want to protect yourself from Viruses, Phishing attacks, Spyware, Spam, Malware etc. Thanks to a promo by Computer Shopper magazine, you can grab a free Avira Security Suite license key for 180 days. Avira Premium Security Suite protects you with [...]

Find useful videos, news, maps, images, shopping and more with Google Related


Google has released a new toolbar Google Related which lets you find useful videos, news, images, shopping and more while you are browsing the web with your web browser. Google Related is available as a Chrome Extension and as a part of Google Toolbar for Internet explorer. This toolbar will be visible in the bottom of the [...]

Google+ adds the ability to expand and collapse comments in Stream


Google+ has been on a roll since its launch. The Major difference for Google+ compared to other social networks is that Google+ is listening to user feedback much more and are implementing the feedback as quickly as possible. The implemented changes in Google+ are being rolled out quite fast to all the users of Google+. [...]