The most popular torrent client uTorrent is soon going to offer a premium version of their popular utorrent client with loads of new features.  Some of these features will include ability to find, get and play content anywhere, anytime on any device without worrying about the codes or conversion of one format into another. We are not sure that how they will do it as more details still need to come. Selling feature for upcoming uTorrent Plus may be the ability to convert videos & transfer files to devices such as iPods, PSPs etc and play them on any device you own.

On a blog post, they announced that the paid version of utorrent will be coming this fall only.

µTorrent Plus is designed for people who are looking for a single solution to find, get and play content anywhere, on any device. Hassles with codec and conversion issues, struggles with device shifting, and more will be a thing of the past.

From some of the screenshots available at the utorrent plus page, we can guess a bit of its features like Transcoding, synching various devices and playing the content on any of your devices without the hassle of moving it to every device.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date on the latest news, participate in invite-only betas, and reserve your spot to get the new µTorrent Plus first and with special discounts, You can sign up here.

Via: Bit torrent Blog