Everyone uses one IM or other like yahoo , MSN, AIM etc for communicating with friends , family and relatives. Emoticons form a integral form of these messenger clients. Every one of the IM software got its own set of emoticons for representing different emotions.

For those of you who havnt heard about  emoticons even though you use it extensively, just see the image below and you will know what i am talking about.These are basically graphical images / icons to show our emotions in chat. Without writing, just by these icons we can show what emotions we are through while chatting / talking.


Yahoo messenger has got tons of these emoticons.out of these tons of icons, the standard ones are inbuilt in the messenger client  as shown in image above.

Many of you may not be knowing that yahoo messenger has got much more emoticons than the standard ones built inside the messenger client. You need to use keyboard text in different combinations to show them. The list is too big.

I am just putting all those hidden emoticons below with the respective codes.

You won’t find these in the emoticon menu, but you can send them by typing the keyboard shortcuts directly into your message.

Available Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons (1)
Emoticon Key Combination Description
puppy dog eyes :o3 puppy dog eyes
I don't know :-?? I don’t know
not listening %-( not listening
pig :@) pig
cow 3:-O cow
monkey :(|) monkey
chicken ~:> chicken
rose @};- rose
good luck %%- good luck
flag **== flag
pumpkin (~~) pumpkin
coffee ~O) coffee
idea *-:) idea
skull 8-X skull
bug =:) bug
alien >-) alien
frustrated :-L frustrated
praying [-O< praying
money eyes $-) money eyes
whistling :-" whistling
feeling beat up b-( feeling beat up
peace sign :)>- peace sign
shame on you [-X shame on you
dancing \:D/ dancing
bring it on >:/ bring it on
hee hee ;)) hee hee
chatterbox :-@ chatterbox
not worthy ^:)^ not worthy
oh go on :-j oh go on
star (*) star
hiro o-> hiro
billy o=> billy
april o-+ april
yin yang (%) yin yang
bee :bz bee
transformer* [..] transformer*