We have been using bookmarks feature available in all browsers for saving our favourite webpages. But often we find it difficult to find bookmarks as they are in different browsers. It would be better if we can synchronize them together. Also many of us work on multiple computers, at home and at work, and many use more than one Web browser and its become difficult to organize bookmarks.Foxmarks is one such tool which can do this job.

Foxmark synchronizes your bookmarks automatically among all your computers, Windows or Mac, and across almost all the main Web browsers — Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox. On PCs running Windows XP or Vista, it works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. On Macs, it works with Safari and Firefox.

Foxmarks is the essential bookmarking add-on. Install Foxmarks on each computer you use, and it works silently in the background to keep your bookmarks and (optionally) passwords backed up and synchronized. If you’re away from your computer, Foxmarks allows you to access your bookmarks online by logging into my.foxmarks.com . Foxmarks’ Suggested Tag feature helps you stay organized by recommending relevant tags as you add bookmarks in Firefox 3.

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If you don’t want exactly the same set of bookmarks on all your machines, you can set up different profiles with different bookmarks for your work and home computers.

You can access the password-protected Web site containing your bookmarks from any PC, even if it isn’t one of yours, and can view a customized version of this site via the browser on an iPhone or other smart phone. You can even set up a mobile profile that will show you just a subset of your bookmarks in your phone’s Web browser, though you can’t sync bookmarks to and from a phone.

From the Web, you can alter your bookmarks, and these changes will then be pushed down to the browsers on your computers. You also can share bookmarks with others via email or an RSS feed.

Download it here.