Thanks to one of our readers Uri who tipped us about this software application called Wuala which lets you Securely store, backup, share, access files from anywhere. The service looks similar to Sugarsync and Dropbox. It is developed and run by LaCie AG in Zurich. Wuala joined LaCie, a French provider of external storage devices, in 2009 to work on the future of cloud storage.

Developers Description

Wuala is a free secure online storage which allows its users to securely store, backup, and access files from anywhere and to share files easily with friends, groups, and the world.


  • protects your data and guards your privacy.
  • Protect your files with automatic backup and file versioning
  • Sync your files – online and across multiple computers
  • Protect your files with automatic backup and file versioning
  • Instant sharing with friends, family, and co-workers.
  • With Groups, working with others has never been easier.
  • Earn additional online storage with unique and innovative technology.

Data on computer is encrypted before it is uploaded to Wuala. Data is uploaded by splitting it into too many different pieces  which gets stored in multiple places in the cloud. For added security your password is never transmitted, which means that no one – not even the employees at Wuala – can see your private files.

Even though it provides you with just 1 GB of Cloud space for FREE, if you want more space then you can just trade your idle local disk space on your computer for as much online storage as you need. Only pre-requirement  for trading is “You need to be online for at least 4 hours a day” which most of us fulfill.

You will get the storage for free depending on how much space you share on your system and what percentage of time your system is online.

The two essential features Backups and Syncing is not enabled for FREE users, but you can easily become a pro user the moment you share or trade your system storage. You will get a message that you are now a pro user and these two features Backups and Sync will be enabled.

A small youtube Video below describes in brief what Wuala is all about. Have a look.

I am still to test it more  (Right now, its just 1 day and it looks great) before I can make some solid conclusion, but prima facie it looks like a excellant application providing you Free storage to Securely store, backup, share, access files from anywhere.

To use it, you need to create a free account just like similar services Sugarsync and Dropbox.

[Signup for Wuala].