Most Firefox users including me love to save user name and passwords of web pages using the save password feature of Firefox. For everyone who is using “Save Passwords”, should also use a master password so that all the passwords are safe. Today we will talk about a small Firefox Addon called Password Exporter which lets you export Firefox passwords, disabled host login file etc. and can be used for restoring them later on (if required).

Having a saved backup XML or CSV file is handy if you forgot the master password for Firefox or data stored for passwords get corrupted or infected. Its difficult to reset the Master password and hence you can use this addon for backing up your Firefox Passwords and Importing/ Exporting it.

Developers Description

This extension allows you to export your saved passwords and disabled login hosts using XML or CSV files that can be imported later.After installation, you can export and import your passwords from the following locations:

  • Options/Preferences -> Security pane -> Passwords -> Import/Export Passwords button
  • Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions tab -> click Preferences button next to the extension

It also provide an optional obfuscation feature which makes it difficult for casual readers or stumblers to read the exported Passwords.

Keep in mind, the exported files are not encrypted and can be read by anyone who imports the exported file into Firefox. Developrs still need to provide a encryption key for exported saved XML or CSV file.