Winners of 3 license of Radio Tracker Platinum worth $120

Few days back i organised a contest of Three (3) license/serial Giveaway for Radiotracker Platinum worth $120 and i have promised that the winners will be declared on 2nd August.


As promised, here,s the winners of the giveaway.  I decided the winners using  List randomizer. So without any more boring writeup, here’s the list of three winners.

Radio Tracker Platinum Winners
Radio Tracker Platinum Winners

As seen in the image, the first three guys are winners of this giveaway i.e. rio_Kerenz, pops131 and ripper.

Your license is being sent by email and will reach you in maximum of 24 hours from now. Hope you people will enjoy this. Leave a comment here when you recieve the license.

Also, may be visitors of  Avinashtech can help me a bit in promoting the website asking your friends to visit it whenever possible.

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  1. Hi,Thanx,It works fine,i’m using Radiotracker now,keep up the good work,i always follow you,and post your updates to Twitter,not many followers(146) but every little helps if they follow you too.Cheers.

  2. YAHUUUUU….while i was waiting for my I idea to come in order to be able to continue my thesis I got this good news…I’m lucky today….thx avinashtech, i will try to promote your website to my friend…..but the key isn’t coming yet…still waiting for it…one again thx

  3. I just open my e-mail and i was pleasantly surprised. Tnx mate, for the generous giving. I really appreciate.
    This is really good program and if i would have to choose between diffrent programs, this would be on top.

    Keep up with good work, and the users will come to you, themselfs. You won’t need to chase them

    See ya. ( And ready ya 🙂 )

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