The title of this post may seem odd and wrong to many of you. Many of you would say i should have written  “Why $87 is too much for Thesis Premium WordPress theme“. Even i would have said the same thing few months back when i hadn’t bought thesis theme and used it on two of my blogs.

When i started to ponder over the idea of buying a premium thing due to my frustration with free theme and their too limited options , even then I was  not in mood to spend $87. The reason being , the premium themes didn’t look like they were worth spending that much money on them.

Even I was dis-satisfied with many premium themes i searched for my WordPress blogs. Finally i settled for Thesis theme. Even when i bought it and used it first time, I wasn’t sure if thesis was worth the money I spent on it. But today, i know i got a good deal for my money and i am loving it now.

So, what makes me love this theme.  have tried to list some of the great features associated with thesis theme.

1. Almost No Plugins needed :

That’s right. You read it right. Thesis let you do almost all necessary things you ever needed and tried to do with plugins available in WordPress. Except few plugins which most of webmasters wont need for their blog , you would be having almost no plugins or just few plugins.Hence you will be needing just few plugins.

With just few plugins, less web hosting server CPU issues with your webhost and the blog runs faster even on your shared hosting and a more stable blog/website.

2. Strongest SEO of any theme

Thesis boasts the strongest SEO of any theme on the market today thanks to its expertly-coded HTML + CSS + PHP framework. Not only that, Thesis also contains additional options that will allow you to fine-tune each and every page of your site.

3. Thesis option panels

The panel lets you customise your site with ease, while Thesis does all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes providing you ultimate control over your site.

4. Typography and Visual clarity

It gives you great typography and visual clarity on your site.

5. Revolutionary Layout Generator

It lets you decide what layout you want with 1, 2, and 3-column layout combination along with the management of width of the columns and their position.

6. Font Control of all aspects of your site.

7.  Unique Design as per your need

With all the features it has and the amount of control with which you can control every aspect of your site, it results in a unique design for your site.

8. Thesis Open hook Plugin

This plugin is for those of you which include me too who doesn’t know how to use code. This is one of the best thing that is associated with thesis theme. It lets you add and customise every portion of thesis theme. Using this you can customise every aspect of your site from top to bottom i.e. Header to footer plus many more. It also let you insert any stuff at any place you want without any code.

Take a look at how i did most of customisations for my site here using Open hooks and custom files. 10 Ways to Customize Thesis and Enhance Your Blog using open hooks

9. Personal License lets you use thesis on two of your live domains. Whereas any other premium theme lets you use the theme only on single domain until you buy a developer license.

10. Thesis Community and Support

This is the best part of buying thesis. Thesis theme got a very active community on thesis forum and help you do in anything you want to do on your site. It doesn’t matter if you have a silly question to ask or a very difficult or complicated problem, you can get the solution there.

11. The license is lifetime license with all upgrades all over Thesis lifetime. That means you will get all upgrades of Thesis theme for free all over the life without spending any further money.

12. Easy Customizations and easy upgrades

You can change any aspect of thesis and your site by just adding some custom code/ function in two files i.e. custom.css and custom_function.php. Whenever you upgrade thesis, you need not to worry about your customizations. They wont get lost. You can just keep the custom files and all upgrades are hassle free.

Get Thesis here.