As i said in my previous post, its raining freebies. Here’s another freebie called NetworkShield and yes its another firewall. But the major difference is that its not for normal use on desktop systems. Get NetworkShield Firewall FREE license worth $199 with the promotion.

Its basically a network firewall which can be used with Widows server and is for small businesses & Enterprises.

NetworkShield Firewall is a new generation corporate gateway firewall software for Windows Server, which protects the network from external and internal attacks, provides Internet access to users and offers enhanced traffic control features.


Why do you need NetworkShield Firewall?

* To provide secure access of your corporate network to the Internet;
* To manage several public and private networks;
* To protect your network from external attacks using server firewall software;
* To publish internal servers securely in public networks;
* To have the most efficient network traffic monitoring system;
* To control NetworkShield Firewall from any computer in your network;
* To monitor your network activities in real time.

Networkshield 1To get the free license visit this promopage.

Networkshield freeSubmit name and other details with a valid email id. The license will be emailed to you instantly.

Use the license key recieved in email to activate the firewall. Cheers.