One of the best and tiny Bit torrent client utorrent 3.0 final is released with streaming, remote conrol, drag and drop support. Before the final release happened it was very well tested by over 4+ million µTorrent users worldwide beta version. One of the best features that is added to this new version is Streaming which lets you preview a large video file before you download the full file. You need to click a streaming button which appears in the Playback column within the Torrents tab.

NEW Features

Streaming: Watch videos within seconds with progressive downloads – no need to wait. Especially great for previewing a file before committing to the full download.

Remote Access: Start, stop, and monitor torrent downloads on the go. Access your client from any Web browser, or download our Android app (link to Android App).

Ratings and Comments: Leverages the collective wisdom of the community to ensure the quality and security of downloaded torrents.

Drag-and-Drop Sending: Easily send massive personal files – e.g. home movies, cell phone videos and hi-res photos. Select a file on your computer, drag it into the µTorrent “Drop files to send” box and a Web link is yours to share.

Feature Hiding: Minimizing parts of the µT interface with a click.

Portable Mode: Run your µTorrent client directly from a USB key and take it with you anywhere.

The setup file downloaded is 624 kB which infact is quite more than the previous versions. But during install it gets clear why the file size is bit more than we expected.

It included a utorrent browser bar which includes Bing as a search engine and wants to change your default homepage, includes some other buttons like Facebook, youtube, some Games etc. My opinion, just make sure that you have unchecked those options during the installation.

Apart from this, another remote control feature which lets you control your utorrent downloads using a browser from anywhere on the web.

Download utorrent 3