Skype today released new Skype 5.5 Beta version for Windows which comes with Deep Facebook integration including Facebook chat. Facebook chat integration was done even with the latest Yahoo messenger 11 beta version, but Skype seems to have taken it a step further with integration of Facebook Likes and comments too into Skype.

Some of the changes that comes with new Skype are:

  • Facebook Instant Messaging – chat with your Facebook friends directly from Skype.
  • Facebook Contacts Tab – a new tab within Skype dedicated to your Facebook contacts list.
  • ‘Like’ and even comment on a Facebook status – You can also use the Facebook News Feed within Skype to easily “like” a friend’s status or comment on it without logging into Facebook.
  • New Call Control Toolbar – featuring redesigned graphic icons.
  • Improvements to the saving of a phone number in the “Call Phones” section.
  • Visual improvements to placing a call on hold.

I just downloaded the beta version and installed it. I can see some visual changes compared to the previous versions.

While installing, it also asks if you want to install Google Chrome Browser? Considering that Microsoft has acquired Skype, Bundling of Google Chrome looked a bit strange.  May be some previous agreement between Google and Skype is still in place and had not expired.

Download Skype 5.5, the new Windows Beta