After the launch of Google+ we were not expecting another launch of a new Social network in this short span of time. Twitpic which has been made almost obsolete after the release of image sharing capability within twitter itself, launch Heello which appears to be a total rip off of twitter in almost every aspect.

I am not sure why someone want to release a clone of twitter which does almost the same thing as twitter does? Even though the work on Heello started almost a year ago, still do we need a twitter clone in the form of another network? Why the people will use it or switch if it offers almost the same features as offered by twitter?

Heello limits the message length of 140 characters which is same as twitter. In terms of similarities, it uses the same “Replies” term for the replies with @ sign and offers Image sharing right inside the Heello. The message box too is almost same as that of twitter. You can even change the background of your Heello Profile using your own background image just as twitter. Some of small differences just in terms of terminology are as follows (wrt Twitter)

Tweet = Ping

Retweet = echo

Follow = Listen

You can connect your Facebook and twitter accounts to your Heello account. I am not sure, how they will use it? At the moment, I cant see anything to do after I connected my twitter account. May be I missed something.

You can post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously after you have authorized or connected these accounts to Heello. You cannot do opposite i.e. you cannot post on twitter or facebook and simultaneously on Heello. Perhaps that is the only thing which is possible by integrating Facebook and twitter accounts to Heello.

Heello plan to introduce Text message notifications, Video Sharing, Location check-ins and Heello Apps for iOS and Android as soon as possible. So stay tuned and watch if it can produce some turbulence in social network scene.

What do you think about it guys? I did create a account there just to get a feel. It looks nice, but I am not sure how far it will go in future.