Just few days back, Google introduced a 2-step verification process for Google accounts which when enabled, makes the security of your Google Accounts just similar to what you have for your Banking accounts. In our previous post, we talked about how to enable 2-step verification feature. The feature is being rolled out slowly to every google account and today we will see how to set it up fully to use it for greater security of our google accounts.

To start setting up 2-step verification, just navigate to your Google accounts settings and click on 2-step verification link as discussed in my previous post. On clicking that, it will show you a dialog box showing you the details of the verification process like setting up of your phone and backup options in case of your phone is unavailable.

Just click on “Set up 2-step verification” button to start the process. In next screen, you will be asked to select your phone. If you got a blackberry, Android or Iphone, then you can select that right here. The process for all these three types of phone is almost identical. In my case, I got a Android phone. So I selected that.

On selecting either of Android, Blackberry or Iphone, the steps are same which involve installing and configuring “Google Authenticator” on your smartphone. You can easily install it on your smart phone either using QR codes in case of android or using a web link for others.

After you install “Google Authenticator” on your phone, it will provide you a verification code for your Google account. You need to use that code in next step.

Keep in mind, the codes are time dependent and it may not produce correct codes if you have set your date or time manually. If date and time on your phone is set manually, then change it to use the data provided by your network provider or the codes wont work in verification process.

Just enter the code and you are almost done with setting up of your phone.

In case, you got a normal phone( not a smartphone like Android, Blackberry or Iphone), then you need to use Codes recieved through SMS to your mobile phone.

After you have finished setting up your phone, you need to setup your backup phone in case your primary phone is not available or lost. It also gives you a option to print some codes which can be used when your phone gets lost or stolen.

Thats all you need to do. When everything is done, you will get a final screen telling you to turn on 2-step verification for your google account.

Keep in mind, after enabling this, you may need to generate application specific codes for different applications like your phone or some of your Google accounts.

Even though this process does make it a bit lengthy with some hassle but its a great step to make your Google account more secure.