Have you ever tried to figure out how much time you spend online? How much time we waste daily browsing sites like Facebook, twitter, youtube etc, how much time you spend working and the time you spend surfing. Today we will talk about two browser extensions or addons which work on Chrome and Firefox respectively and can track the time you spent browsing online.

TimeTracker for Firefox


– Tracks browsing time across sessions
– Pauses automatically when you stop browsing
– Reset counter
– Pause toggle per window
– List ‘work’ sites that should not count
– Tooltip showing total time today, since last reset and since installing.

TimeTracker for Chrome

Helps users track how much time they spend on various web sites.

The extension attempts to detect user activity (by mouse movements) and will pause the timer if the user is not at the keyboard.

I have mentioned the two extensions/ addons seprately as they are developed by two different Developers.

Timetracker is not compatible with Firefox 5, but a Workaround is available which makes it work with firefox 5. The features for Chrome and Firefox vary a bit e.g. The chrome extension can give you a breakup of time spent on individual websites. Whereas the Firefox version gives you option to filter some websites so that the time on those websites are not tracked. Unfortunately, anything similar for Internet explorer is not available.