Web is full of unlimited possibilities in every niche you can think of. Take example of “Search”. Google made search a compulsory part of our life and first thing we do while we are trying to find some information over the web is to Search Google or any other search Engine.

Today I will talk about a new dimension of Web Search. Using Face Recognition technology, now you can search and find Similar faces all over the web. You just need to upload a good resolution picture and the next moment you get Pics from all over the web having similar Faces to that of the uploaded pic. All this can be done using “Pictriev” a face Search Engine.

All this is done using face recognition twchnology. It detects the Face in the uploaded Pic and then tries to find similar faces from all over the web.  Results vary depending on resolution or quality of photo. Better resolution and quality of uploaded pic produces better results.

To get a reliable answer, please enter a photo that contains a frontal face with the gap between the eyes more than 80 pixels wide. The results are displayed for each detected face in the photo. Click a rectangular area to select a face. The references of photos with similar faces will be showed as thumbnails.

If the pic contains more than one face, it will find similar faces to all the detected faces in hat Pic. Obviously, the results depend on number of similar images available on the web. So a more popular Pic will bring more results compared to a average person.

You should keep in mind, here we are talking of similar faces not the same faces. Hence the results are of different people but having similar faces.

Give it a try. Visit Pictriev