We keep talking of different security and privacy issues involved   while using the web . Along with these issues we do talk about  the applications or tools that help you protect from these security threats. Thanks to TeXaCo I stumbled on a simple tool called Keyscrambler, which in its free version acts as a add-on to Internet Explorer and Firefox helping you protect your login details, credit card numbers, passwords etc.

Even though Key scrambler comes as a paid product also with a lot of additional security features, but we will talk only about the Free version here. Basically it scrambles your typed keys while you type inside your browser (IE and Firefox only).

This makes all the typed keystrokes encrypted and even if some keylogger is present in your system it wont be able to log your actual keystrokes making you safe from keyloggers, malwares and spywares. This in turn also saves your sensitive data which you type inside your browser like login details, credit card numbers, passwords etc.

All this happens in real time and you can see those encrypted keystrokes on top of your browser. The keystrokes that you see are different from what you type. Just give it a try. Its a great tool if you love your privacy and need to protect your sensitive details.

Download Keyscrambler.