Those of you who use social networking services like twitter, facebook etc. know very well that apart from normal use, these social networking is used extensively  by spammers for spamming using shortened URLs. These short URLs are created using URL shortening services like,,,,,,,,, and many more.

These short URLs are often bad as they give you no idea where the actual link goes to and may secretly link to yucky websites, phishing URLs, Malware websites etc. Due to misue of these short URLs, you should be aware of the actual URLS behind the short URL. Even though these short URL services like tinyURL does provide a way to decode the actual URL from short one, but considering the sheer volume of short links going around on web, its almost impossible to go to TinyURl or some other website to decode these links manually everytime.

Hence you need a automated way to decode these links. Long URL Please is a small Firefox Addon which when installed automatically decodes the short URLs on webpages. You need not do anything from your side. Everything is done automatically by replacing any of these links when every web page loads. The screenshot below gives a clearer picture of it.

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This addon supports 80 URL shortening services like,,,,,,,,, and many more.

Give it a try . Download it here.