All of you must have seen ads on almost every page including this site. These ads are served by third party companies (like Adbrite, Adsense and many more) as the websites are don’t have a full fledged advertising team dedicated for this. These companies collect and use information about visitor’s activities & interests on those sites unless the visitor choose to opt out of this using some form of plugin or opt out.

Avinashtech Privacy page does contain a opt out option with its Adsense ads. So what to do if you want to opt out of all the ad networks ? Also you want to do it easily without too many hassles or form filling? Even though some of may say , we can use private browsing feature in firefox or IE , but private browsing doesn’t stop ad networks from collecting information.

A firefox addon called PrivacyChoice Opt-out lets you opt out of all such ad networks in a single click.  You can also analyze what a particular website does with the information it collects and the extent of the information it collects.

Opt-out of behavioral tracking by 100+ companies, including Google, Microsoft and AOL. Preserve your preferences even when you clear cookies from your browser. Choose individual networks, all networks or networks with policy questions.

Privacy optoutPrivacyChoice Opt-out checks PrivacyChoice database for new opt-outs or updates, so you need not install any update each time opt-outs change. Preferences can be set in any time in your PrivacyChoice Control Panel. Overall its a great tool if you are concerned about your privacy and information being collected by the ad networks.